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  1. Please Nerf Summoners

    Summoner is my first character and my main Im not here to lie so Heres a picture if you dont believe me
  2. Please Nerf Summoners

    As a summoner i feel too strong A future update is supposed to help that So wait and see then decide
  3. Guia Blade And soul en Español

    Seems really helpful for non english speakers. Hope your videos kick off
  4. BnS VS WoW

    Judging by the way youre making that statement id say you havnt tried the game i mentioned yet I was only saying that there are other high content games Imo WoW isnt as good as many say, but that has nothing to do with my last post
  5. BnS VS WoW

    Might want to check a little game called Mabinogi Its outdated as hell and kinda VERY buggy but it has a ton of content. Maybe youll like it
  6. A real heal support class because healers for life Summoner is the closest thing to it but not quite what id like
  7. The issue isnt that they havnt seen bots as much as how botters can adapt so quickly They have to be careful not totake out players in the process as well They should do more but its not hard to see why theres an issue. A new game like this with a fresh market to sell gold in is a big target When i say new i mean new servers and new potential gold buyers so dont mistake that for something else
  8. The game isnt pay2win but you dont seem to be implying that. Bringing it up in case you do think it though The gold sellers and bots should be taken care of in time. The game is still a baby here I disliked in this game and many others paying 10$ because its the only option and having things be awkwardly priced to get you to pay more for points you dont want The prices are a bit high as well but thats another story
  9. How to kill the bots.

    Bots buy premium Theyll but a cash shop item to continue botting too
  10. This Game is NOT P2W

    Noone is gated from any content Paying players get there a little faster, but not too much faster Theres nothing pay2win about it Let me give an example Mabinogi before free weekly rebirths was pay2win The paying players could rebirth weekly where free players had to wait 3 weeks Keeping in mind the game has no level cap (there are players topping lvl 70k by now in CH and KR) ,this created a gap where paying players were several times stronger than free ones Now that thats removed its evened the field for everyone
  11. Blade and Soul: RNG Hell

    You just did the same thing You literally,before anyone else replied, did the same thing youre attacking @OP Use your keys wisely and dont forget the esy things you can find like soul shields and gems
  12. It shouldnt be allowed I dont think our devs can do much about it That guy is an ass but theres not much option Lead your parties
  13. They should have implemented better balances for this Like all of your characters having to be in the same faction or adjustments in pop based on activity I know its a massive downside but its going to be a one side steamroll like most other games of this kind A third faction would help balance things out too
  14. Its the reason why i only bought the 1k outfits and only because a friend wanted to match with them The prices are a bit too high for me to go into
  15. I dont think it will happen either but this is an awful argument to make alone
  16. That has nothing to do with you You know what youre doing
  17. OP Youre trash and showing it ._. Please stop
  18. What kind of player are you?

    Heart When i play fighters i play a very block heavy game and focus on reads and punishes.
  19. Off topic section

    Any chance of getting a town square or off topic section for these forums?
  20. P2W? Grind? Find Out!

    Competitive PvE PvE can be pay2win I cant believe someone is tryign to make that argument here Nothing in this game is pay2win so theres no reason to make this thread
  21. Get off the forums guys :P

    My firefox is devoted to foruming I lurk 6 different forums Never see sunlight For the record im healthy and enjoy running
  22. forum keeps logging me out??

    >Clicks this thread >Has to log in to reply
  23. This is very different from free speech Im saying theyre still customers and should be treated as such The company can ignore them if they choose but its not in their best interest to
  24. I disagree As a player they still have some right to complain when things are out of hand of course. They are still potential customers and its in the best interest of the company that they try to keep as many potential customers and paying players as happy as possible premium or not
  25. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    Im gonna stop you here Thats common sense Its open world PvP If you dont know how that works you shouldnt be using it. You literally held a sign that said "Its ok to hit me" Its not ok for higher levels to abuse lower levels but that doesnt mean they cant when invited. Keep this in mind