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  1. There are alot ill admit but theyre incredibly outnumbered by the amount of players who spend moderately or nothing at all And in these kinds of games the more you spend the less efficient your spending becomes Except for that premium bonus That actually makes spending more give you more
  2. Why is it that so often i hear subbed players begin described as rich? Isnt that an extremely negative assumption to make? it shows alot of Bias,malice, and..... im trying to think of a more proper word for it but since i cant ill say saltiness
  3. The issue i have is i feel like i have to follow more of the meta than my own style so it bugs me Theres no option though. After upgrading my gear a bit i might not have to drop my soulshield. If i can keep that much ill be ok with it 8% hp on floor 5 and i died
  4. I dont like it because i always build for defense>Offense so i get screwed over Either way im making adjustments to meet the minimum for dps
  5. The men are cerainly sexualized (That lyn dance) But not quite as much as females Im all for this
  6. Ive played alot of open world pvp in alot of games and though i havnt done it in BnS much yet (Believe me its coming) i feel like its not as bad as people say AoEs and certain CDs could be worked on to help this so classes cant bomb large groups while healing (Im lookin at you summoner) and certain classes can counter more often to avoid being hurt too badly by these things
  7. I dont think itll make enough of a time difference to actually be pay2win as it is now
  8. Im not against the idea but you have to realize this is a PvP based game
  9. So it cant be dropped from solo or?
  10. Late to the party here "Taking away" is not the right phrase since youd stil have it but so would everyone else I dont think free players are entitled to anything though itd be nice Another game i play has a free wardrobe feature but it costs gold to put things in and take them out Perhaps something similar if its going to go free There really isnt a reason to say no or yes aside from making premium less appealing 50/50 on this one
  11. I see an issue "TWO character slots is an insult to the free to play gamers that will not be able to afford your slots." "Keeping your players doing something new is a BIG way to SELL items in micro shops." If theyre not going t buy character slots why would they buy anything from micro shops? Especially as much as youre saying theyll buy
  12. Im crazy for eyes and short hair This doesnt do anything for me
  13. Shouldnt assume things but yeah Kinda sad only one of my characters get this
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