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  1. It depends how you define dead. There will continue to be players wanting to play for some time so it won't truly be dead for quite some time, but on the other hand there could be issues of attracting and keeping players. Personally them half releasing Act 4 made me go from super interested in the game into bored really quickly since the grind was high and it felt like there was less to do than before Act 4 was a thing in the west. There are also other things that I haven't like such as promising no censorship and no p2w but heavily introduced gems and resources into the cash shop
  2. Agreed. Frankly if it wasn't already dead, I'd be tempted to shoot the bloody thing myself by now.
  3. The ignorance in this thread, including the OP... I tl;dr'd the thread, but I have to agree that ap elitism is a problem. If you're pushing away lower geared players then the experienced people eventually get bored, because people move on, and the newer players get bored coz they aren't getting accepted for content that everyone else did when they were lower AP. In the end you merge several servers in order to remain active. Personally I was doing fine and came back today and upgraded to 499 ap just to finish act 4 we were meant to do earlier, but probably won't be continuing for a variety of
  4. I wouldn't say more enjoyable, just more varied and customisable, though customisation and cosmetics although nice, isn't really something I'd personally describe as "enjoyable". I just think it's unfair to judge someone so harshly. Calling others pedos that has been mentioned previously in this thread is a big accusation to make. I also don't see why people are so defensive over imaginary characters, as long as they're not going after real children (which the lyn aren't) then no harm is really being done. At least no more harm the violence in a lot of games that would be criminal if we compar
  5. I find it quite concerning how many people are linking what they view as childlike, to sexualisation. Do preteens at the beach turn them on or something and they're trying to deny it to seem like they're normal or something? I'd say that linking a race like this to children and linking them to sexualisation is a big issue to have. Personally I'm not too bothered, I haven't really even played for months, though I should at least finish act 4 (I think it is?). Plus my main was a Yun. Realistically there should be a slider on these sorts of things just for customisation's sake without it needing
  6. While I'm not really surprised that the costume wasn't released, I hope that facepalm was reserved for yourself. The argument was about lyns looking like children, when talking about hong being an example against that, they were obviously talking in general. The fact that hong can change form is completely irrelevant to the argument. Considering western attitudes, they possibly are trying to avoid criticism and possible legal action since lyns are more likely to look childish than other races. That's more of an issue with the western society though being a little prudish. What you seem to be d
  7. I really wanted to like this game but I'm not sure I have any reason anymore. One of the reasons being the egoistical elitists such as the OP who project all of the blame on others. We all get people who aren't as experienced or geared, but if you're not going to take any of the responsibility then you're going to stay at your crappy level while relying on others to be good in order to succeed at the same time as look down on everyone else. Of course there are also the bots and the grind became boring in the new module for me so I took a (possibly indefinite) break.
  8. > Talks about people being judgemental > Proceeds to be judgemental Genius. Hopefully they punish the scammer at least. Anyway it's not really too surprising they have this stance. Purchasing as a gift is not implemented as a safe trading way so it's pretty much do so at your own risk. Unfortunately there are going to be a lot of toxic people willing to exploit others. I can understand that you'd be frustrated, but there's never an excuse to be hostile. All it means is that you're not much better than the other scum. Now you can either realise that you've bee
  9. Yeah I'm actually I bit confused. I was actually very happy with level 45 content despite it still being doing the same stuff each day. I'm not sure if it's due to me taking it easy or because I was always working towards upgrading my gear whereas now I'm just saving forever for one piece and so my attention is more focused on how repetitive it is. It's a big difference in opinion I've had in the game.
  10. Noon = 12:00 midday, Afternoon = Right after 12 Afternoon = PM Noon = 12:00pm Simples :D. Regardless I'm willing to bet there will be someone who complains and wonders why it doesn't revolve around their personal playtime.
  11. I don't claim otherwise. Though I do think supply is on the weak side. I didn't think I'd get bored but with this module that changed quickly. Though I'll still be seeing how things go and await for the rest of the module.
  12. Tbh if they were bound it'd be pretty shitty. I don't really want extra spaces taken up by 2 different versions of an item.
  13. Ctrl+f is practically a requirement.
  14. Have they not seen the people who will pick up and throw to reset the faction bosses in misty woods? If only jerks were locked to 1 faction.
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