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  1. It depends how you define dead. There will continue to be players wanting to play for some time so it won't truly be dead for quite some time, but on the other hand there could be issues of attracting and keeping players. Personally them half releasing Act 4 made me go from super interested in the game into bored really quickly since the grind was high and it felt like there was less to do than before Act 4 was a thing in the west. There are also other things that I haven't like such as promising no censorship and no p2w but heavily introduced gems and resources into the cash shop
  2. Agreed. Frankly if it wasn't already dead, I'd be tempted to shoot the bloody thing myself by now.
  3. The ignorance in this thread, including the OP... I tl;dr'd the thread, but I have to agree that ap elitism is a problem. If you're pushing away lower geared players then the experienced people eventually get bored, because people move on, and the newer players get bored coz they aren't getting accepted for content that everyone else did when they were lower AP. In the end you merge several servers in order to remain active. Personally I was doing fine and came back today and upgraded to 499 ap just to finish act 4 we were meant to do earlier, but probably won't be continuing for a variety of
  4. It sounds like someone struck a nerve. I wonder why :D.
  5. Back in my day, gear was the reward not the requirement.
  6. While there could be improvements and I don't like how the wardrobe is locked on subscription (it'd be nice to in the very least deposit stuff), there are some good things too. For example you don't need to pay for respecs and inventory space for hongmoon coins/daily spins. I wouldn't mind a pack that included account wide inventory space unlocks.
  7. I'm not really against it, but imo the breast sizes are fine. The bigger end is already on the slightly exaggerated end. Personally I went on the smaller end for something more realistic.
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