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  1. I would prefer NCSoft to put a fixed price honestly , I kept seeing Moonwater Transformation stones in Wild Springs for 15g and up never below 10g. I doubt many people will buy the stones at that price but at lvl 45 they are really important.. The marketplace is currently inflated... and even if you whisper the person if you can buy it for less they refuse most of the time(its like 95% of them refuse while 5% dont mind).
  2. Increase server capacity guys!!

    There are gold sellers who just go up to the level required to join the faction and then afk in a place and spamming faction chat. That makes the AFK system totally useless.
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Mushin? its not just NA its on EU servers too. They spam not only the Faction chat but even the group find chat even the arena one... Seeing how they sell only on USD I blame America. So I guess most of them are from America. Because of these gold sellers I cant find a reason to play the game... just do the daily and leave nothing else... they ruin the whole experience... I am moving to BDO until they fix it...
  4. Talking about moderations in the forums.
  5. Make faction chat and group finder chat level 20+ Meaning make it so only level 20+ can talk in group finder chat and faction chat, while I find this unfair to people its the only way to remove the gold spammers that are currently in-game... I want to talk to my faction in Wild Springs(EU server) however gold spammers there are spamming the chat so much that 50 block slots ARE NOT ENOUGH! We cant even talk to our faction. I hope a mod will notice this thread and forward this problem to the developers because honestly, I want to play the game but these gold spammers RUIN THE EXPERIENCE FOR ME. Thanks to that I CAN BARELY PLAY THE GAME.
  6. Depends, Do you prefer to kill people with an big axe? or Do you prefer to kill people with a small sword? Answering which you prefer will give you the answer you seek.
  7. Is there any moderator/developer or any other person that knows what's the servers capacity is? Because no matter how many servers NCSOFT releases if the capacity of each of the servers is really low then the queue problems will never be fixed. I dont really care about excuses or anything else, what i am asking for and looking an answer for is a simple thing: What is the server capacity(How many active users a server can hold until its filled).
  8. How to NOT have money problems in B&S.

    This guy knows his Shit. Good Job m8!
  9. Long story short, They would need to change the engine of BnS to the Engine GW2 uses.
  10. People acting superior

    Bah p2p games are awesome, just the developers/producers *cricket*ed up their games with stupid decisions that's why they are f2p now. But personally I would prefer b2p over f2p any time and any day.
  11. I see, well Good Luck to both you and your clan :) Hope you have fun.
  12. Well if you were given the option for a full character transfer(meaning everything ) would you do it?
  13. Such a good example. While I didn't understand some parts about the Auction System, this example here cleared up the confusion and helped me understand better. Thanks for the example TemplarTempest :)
  14. 15 keys ...

    True. I was lucky someone in my faction was kind enough to trade the gauntlet for free, but i noticed he was missing the dagger so i told him i will give him the dagger. We both traded and both were happy, we even added each other as friends :)
  15. Its a 7 day wait for the deletion of any character of lvl 15 and up regardless if you are premium or not. Stop whining and wait for 7 days, if you cant then either buy another character slot or quit. However I do agree that they should at least have stated it that any characters above lvl 15 will take 7 days to delete them.