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  1. Farica, maybe you need to read what the op is saying. HE CANT PLAY THE GAME BECAUSE OF DC'S AND SUCH.
  2. Dont return man. The grind, fps drops, dc's. Just not worth it. Each patch causes more problems then it fixes.
  3. "sorry to ruin your day" BM doesnt come close to summoner and warlock dps. maybe you confusing bm with another class or just trolling. '
  4. Thank you for putting them in the store. I need the enlighten belt and im tired of grinding the tower for it to drop. Plus i can used them for the rest of my alts. May i suggest for the weekend store item(s) yall put honorary or nayru tablets for purchase. that would be a big help for upgrading gear for everyone.
  5. Im not a "toxic player" to start with, but.... why do you care? Do you need ppl to give you new reasons to log in? Are you done with the game? To me the question is kinda condescending and trollish. Also, LUNAKITTY, didnt you quit the game? Why are you still all over the forums? Makes no sense.
  6. thank gawd, moonstones in the store. been waiting for this. oh, the whining my commence NOW!
  7. now you pvpers want to nerf the friggin pets? my gawd pls stop. first its the summoners, which all of yall call trash. but nerf them anyway. what out sins and destro. yall will be next. lmao
  8. the two i mentioned above you can abandon them. you have to run them to remove from quest log. i dont give a sh... about whirlwind valley.
  9. please make it so i can remove quests from the quest log. ie...whirlwind valley, mushin tower, etc. also, make it an option to remove ears and tails from the lyns in the settings. ty
  10. crafting gems. Im talking about diamonds. I want to choose the gems I craft. Not some random crap gems. They are my mats. I worked for them. I choose how they are used not rng. its a waste of mats. I could care less about market flooding, price going down, etc.... The gems are for my toons.
  11. I totally agree with the hardy "THANK YOU". That was heart touching and well written. A perfect end. Very well done.
  12. Since i was told by bns to post here instead of submitting a ticket. Please increase the amount of soulstones you receive from doing the pvp dailies. between the amount you need to craft(which i do) and the amount needed to upgrade. Its very difficult. Or/and make them drop from dungeons at a decent quantity. Thank you
  13. warlock - level 42- max wep, max soul shield for that level. deleted. reasons, low hp, can only do decent damage every 24 secs unless a proc. very very squishy. if the next class is like this one. they can keep it.
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