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  1. Blade and soul LGBT Guild <OurSanctuary>

    What i'd advise is to leave your IGN here, or Add my character "Enquiry" and if we're both online, I'd be more than happy to invite you ^_^
  2. Show off your characters!!

    so a friend of mine made Cinder accidentally and didn't notice until I pointed it out. Thought it was worth the share.
  3. Blade and soul LGBT Guild <OurSanctuary>

    Hello, thank you for taking notice, if you are interested in joining. Feel free to mail any of the admins (myself included) also it is required to be a cerulean order team players and we'll see what we can do from there c:
  4. Player Effect

    I noticed that when you hide other players, you can still see their skills effects/animations. Is there a way to hide that as well? Otherwise it's pretty pointless.
  5. Dark Pirate King rng luck

    I got the outfit on my 4th round of dailies. Sadly got it on my lyn and not on my gon. Dusting already in my vault
  6. This ^ also applies to E.Fleet too.
  7. Popularity?

    4 years popular
  8. Blade and soul LGBT Guild <OurSanctuary>

    Bump <3 Also thanks for accepting c:
  9. Please delete this post!

    Yay more lgbt guilds c: wish you guys luck ^_^
  10. So I just wasted 6 hours trying to get an outfit

    spent 3 hours farming Brightstone Ruins for wep c: ended up getting Moonwater Tears instead.. I guess I got something out of it. Good night.
  11. Abuse of pvp clothes.

    why not just put a safe zone on camps/cities and leave the pvp outside the boundary.
  12. I mean.. cant really stop a class doing what they are meant to do :(
  13. BDO testing is open for registration

    Pretty sure BDO is Open world PVP like ArcheAge
  14. Blade and soul LGBT Guild <OurSanctuary>

    Awesome ^_^ might join up sooner than that, when the time comes, Ill let either of you know :)
  15. Blade and soul LGBT Guild <OurSanctuary>

    Good Luck with your clan! I am super interested and I will most likely join when Warlock releases if you allow that ^-^
  16. Act 4 (?) Chapter I: The Road to Darkness

    Its not a bug, Its a pause in the story, continuation should progress when the future content arrives, possibly on the new maps that are yet discovered.
  17. We Should Have An In-Game CAPTCHA System

    Dragomon Hunter has this exact thing, except the debuff leaves you at 1 HP Sadly it never worked to stop bots If NCsoft takes this into action, I really hope they make it extra better.
  18. 0/10 nothing for males :(
  19. How do the Yun reproduce?

    Why does Yun even exist.
  20. Im honestly not sure what the point of level restriction to prevent bots when they have already reached end game lol
  21. In-Game Profile Pictures

    Not sure if this has been asked, but I noticed many people use Gifs or Fan arts as their character profile in game and I was wondering how I can do that as well ? Is there a particular size that I cannot exceed ? How do I port it in game ?
  22. In-Game Profile Pictures

    Mhmm I does one check the dimensions of it ? and How do I upload one
  23. Glaive Master.....

    Happy to see some recognition for vindictus underrated
  24. Dilemma - Lyn is not sexy

    I cant believe this thread is still alive.
  25. Dilemma - Lyn is not sexy

    I don't blame him, I would too.