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  1. Blade and soul LGBT Guild <OurSanctuary>

    What i'd advise is to leave your IGN here, or Add my character "Enquiry" and if we're both online, I'd be more than happy to invite you ^_^
  2. Show off your characters!!

    so a friend of mine made Cinder accidentally and didn't notice until I pointed it out. Thought it was worth the share.
  3. Blade and soul LGBT Guild <OurSanctuary>

    Hello, thank you for taking notice, if you are interested in joining. Feel free to mail any of the admins (myself included) also it is required to be a cerulean order team players and we'll see what we can do from there c:
  4. Player Effect

    I noticed that when you hide other players, you can still see their skills effects/animations. Is there a way to hide that as well? Otherwise it's pretty pointless.
  5. Dark Pirate King rng luck

    I got the outfit on my 4th round of dailies. Sadly got it on my lyn and not on my gon. Dusting already in my vault
  6. This ^ also applies to E.Fleet too.
  7. Popularity?

    4 years popular
  8. Blade and soul LGBT Guild <OurSanctuary>

    Bump <3 Also thanks for accepting c:
  9. Please delete this post!

    Yay more lgbt guilds c: wish you guys luck ^_^
  10. So I just wasted 6 hours trying to get an outfit

    spent 3 hours farming Brightstone Ruins for wep c: ended up getting Moonwater Tears instead.. I guess I got something out of it. Good night.
  11. Abuse of pvp clothes.

    why not just put a safe zone on camps/cities and leave the pvp outside the boundary.
  12. I mean.. cant really stop a class doing what they are meant to do :(
  13. BDO testing is open for registration

    Pretty sure BDO is Open world PVP like ArcheAge
  14. Blade and soul LGBT Guild <OurSanctuary>

    Awesome ^_^ might join up sooner than that, when the time comes, Ill let either of you know :)
  15. Blade and soul LGBT Guild <OurSanctuary>

    Good Luck with your clan! I am super interested and I will most likely join when Warlock releases if you allow that ^-^