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  1. I havn't been able to get in for 2-3 days because of the splash page crash. Every. Single. Time. Tried everything ANYONE mentioned. NOthing has worked... Paid for a 7 day premium....I'm a little irked. But I doubt they'd do anything about it....
  2. They need to stop breaking the game after WE fix it. :T Wtf... We find a fix, and the next day they break it.
  3. What the hell, i really like this game but I havn't been able to log in for like 2 days. I've tried everthing. Disabling Synapce (for Chroma Keyboard) restarting, updating, turning off 3rd party programs. Ect. It's getting really, really annoying and I'm at a loss of what to do at this point. I've done all these things, but I get to the logo and it crashes. I just don't know what to do. I paid for a 7 day premium and I think I missed out on what was left of it....Which is super annoying. Fix this...
  4. So your upset that no one told you? Right? Now you know. Share it with people. *shrug* Buying it with cash it the "EASY" way to get stuff. Plus, I'm not sure but you can loose how it looks when you transform it (I THINK) not sure. Skin is forever. *SHRUG* You can get most of the costumes in the game, no need for cash!
  5. I'm having a lot of errors with the update too. It updated, just now it instantly crashes....
  6. I think if your logging in every day and spinning 2-3 times a day it's easy to get a costume at the end. I mean, More than halfway though and there's still like 18-19 days left right?
  7. AAAAHHHH MAN! There's gonna be some mad people if they do that. Well, at least we didn't all play it for 3 hours, only to have had to go allllllllllllll the way back to 10pm!!!!! :P More painful to not play. Or to play, and have NONE of it matter! XD
  8. Will roll back push back people's progress since they updated the broken client? Just curious....
  9. Just because you can swear, don't mean anyone should be. And certainly not at people who are trying to fix it or communicate with us!~ XD *shrug* I work in customer service and it's really just awful being sworn at. (slightly off topic) I had crashes yesterday tooooo! I found out that Razer stuff is doing it! Stopped the razer synapce and it works like a charm! You might try that (if you have razer products and synapse running) for when we get back in!~ :)
  10. Perhaps some people are acting nicely. Asking. But others are acting like it's their god given right to be rude and demanding towards anything or anyone who disappoints them. :C (and it's not all happening on this post I might add, if you read some responses to twitter posts it's rather disappointing). It's rather unsettling seeing so many people reacting so rudely to this. I'm locked out too, and I'm a bit annoyed. But. Honestly in costumer service. The very best thing you can do as a costumer is remain calm, collected and KIND!~
  11. I can understand people being annoyed about this. Maybe even an exp boost to make up for the time? But under no circumstance does anyone have the right to be RUDE and so insulting to the people who are trying to fix it!!!! It's not like they knew it would screw it all up!!!! If any of you work in customer service and still act like this you should be ashamed...And if you ever do in the future, I hope you look back on this later. :T
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