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  1. how would i contact you guys on game when i'm online then?
  2. My old clan, had a sign up sheet, signed up 4 times, for a straight month, never got a spot, 1 raid group, more than 24 people in clan that was most likely able to do BT seeing that we were all 700+ A lot of clans are just statics or wont take other people cause they want their "friends" to gear up first above other clan-mates
  3. Daily event quest

    I was asking how low level can you receive the quest, a friend said he's level 32 and able to receive the daily event quest, where as I'm level 18 and still can not receive the daily event quest. So what is the level you start receiving the quest?
  4. Daily event quest

    What's the minimum level requirement to do the event quest? Where you collect the 4 chi to turn it in. On the twitch it had said that low levels would be able to participate on the event, but currently sitting on my level 16, it won't show the quest regardless of what I try. Anyone have suggestions or is this messed up with the maintenance
  5. Mystic Fire key change....

    I avoid using that skill. The only time I'd even come close to using it is probably when i've already used my stun, it does great damage, but not gonna waste my stun for it.
  6. A) Sure I don't mind carrying them, but if its like asura/gloom/nexus/mast then I might re-consider. B) If its a 6 man party and not a bot, then sure he/she can stay, I'm sure its rough for new players. C) Eh just leave it, as long as their close to the AP suggested then its all good.
  7. Why continue play this game?

    So I can chi bomb people in arena. Multiple Blaze does like 50-150k in ssp people, just drown in the prestige stolen.
  8. [Cerulean] Cosmic Beings NA

  9. 2 lvl 50's need end game clan pve and pvp

    You can join us in Cosmic Beings :D were kinda small, but growing slowly, but we are trying to reach endgame, were friendly and love to run dungeons :D specially 4 man :D and we spend hours on end on discord/skype
  10. I'm sure prices have sky rocket due to the nebula event, and everyone is rushing to upgrade, so it'd be a great time to increase prices for people who have no patience. Also "Spend real money?" honestly bought my 1 year membership premium for the costume and like 2 costumes from the store, other than that never spent on anything else, sitting at true scorpio at 600+ AP with just casually doing dungeons with friends and clan mates. Do i support bots? Not really, their annoying, but honestly what MMO doesn't have them? Just have to learn to live with them, and ignore them, if not go buy a gameboy color no bots there.
  11. More bots = more soul stones = cheaper soulstones? make gold, buy them, upgrade? Less bots = less soul stones = greedy players = 1g each soul stone? Then come on forums, scream "fix it GM's blah blah"? There's just no winning is there? Bots go away, prices of moonstones/soul stones sky rocket and were all doomed. Bots stay, prices are lowered, everyone cries and whines about bots and how they can't do this and that? Honestly, do you know any on-line game or any MMO that doesn't have bots/gold sellers/gold buyers or hackers?
  12. [Cerulean] Cosmic Beings NA

    just msg me on the game my name is Bebhionn
  13. Completely Bored of Bns

    Come join our clan bro on ikkasun sever just message me for details :) and your more than welcome to game with us, we do alot of dungeon runs/dailies/ and striving to go endgame cause we do intend to play quite awhile, its fine if you don't want to chat on social apps were fine with that :P It gets boring for us to, but the lols keep the game going
  14. [Cerulean] Cosmic Beings NA

    message me your name :)