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  1. Clan: Frail Tragedy Rank: 15 Leader: Murceus Faction: Cerulean Order VoIP: Discord Frail Tragedy is a hardcore PvX focus Clan in Poharan server and first Cerulean Order clan to reach Rank 15 in the server. The clan was created in the first day of the 3 days head start of the game and it's been growing and improving a lot since then until now. Our Clan is filled with mostly hardcore and Veteran players from other BnS servers and we are currently using Discord as our VoIP (Voice over IP) for the Clan. Our clan goal is to have fun, enjoy the game, be the most active, fun, help
  2. hahahaha I was just messing around with Shadow LMFAO but he took things seriously and Yes, we'd love a cookie plox c; Haha congrats to your Clan as well for Rank 15 :)
  3. Who said we're Number 1? LOL I never said anything about being number 1.
  4. Wouldn't be too bad to just keep adding more threads about it just so they could actually see it and think about it since a lot of players are suggesting it.
  5. This will be great if they would actually add these systems in-game. I'm running my own big Clan right now in Poharan and my Officers and I made a google doc to actually list those people who logs on everyday and donates in our specific clan donation days. Would help us so much if they consider adding these ideas in the future!
  6. How about adding a last login record, record of people who donate and allow us to deposit/withdraw from the Clan Vault? Please, consider adding this NCSoft! Thank you
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