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  1. Yep, that did it for me too, thanks Jill.
  2. How did you fix it? I'm getting a similar error that's preventing me from updating the client.
  3. If you think a 850M with 2GB of VRAM is a potato then....that's hilarious. It's considered a higher end graphics card on at least a few different major bench marking sites. The game is optimized badly, many people have said this and even pointed out why. So, move along mister forum warrior. 631 posts, hah. I hope so too, that would be the dream anyway. But, I'll probably use every resource I can to get soulstones till my gear is at the point where I don't need them anymore. But, doing PvP and not finding bots while getting soulstones would be awesome, I would en
  4. Had to laugh a little at how ridiculous this was but uhh, I didn't know pointing out issues with the game meant I was being entitled or spoiled. I know what reality is, I have a job and life necessities to take care of every day....hence the logic and point behind me pointing out the issues I did. I've been keeping track of the expansion and they already gave a teaser that's already kind of swaying me to go back to the game, not to mention that Assassin is getting buffed a tiny bit. Destroyer is almost a direct counter to Assassin, which is what my character is so....obviously
  5. You couldn't be anymore wrong if you tried by saying I'm bad. The fact that I have a life outside of a video game doesn't mean I'm bad at it. It means I don't have as much time to invest in it. If I spent the same 10 hours or more a day that some people play for my gear would probably be completely maxed out by now. As for PvP, the fact I'm fighting a bot just annoys me rather than fighting a real person, which hinders me from getting better. Sure I could look up guides except people like you would still be like, "Nah, you're still a scrub because you used guides." Exce
  6. Exactly like you said with, "At the end if you're a casual player,a person with job and social life this game is becoming less and less for you. Even with lv 50 patch coming that brings higher amount of gold per quests,it still wont help,cause at some point gold required for upgrading/evolving weapon will be higher then the amount you can farm as a casual player,same as it is now." The game literally just punishes you for being a casual which....makes no logical sense, plus the things you actually can spend money on aren't even worth it. I bought Gem Hammers off the store and sold
  7. Exactly. I actually played WoW for about 5 years and the grinding of dailies got so god awful that I did the same thing I mentioned in my OP, I quit. Not to mention I was hindered every time I tried to raid because my schedule either didn't line up with the raid schedule or we just wouldn't make any progression and end up smashing our faces on the keyboard after like two hours of dying on the same boss.
  8. Moonwater tears only sell for a whooping 50 silver. I would be bald from ripping my hair out doing Brightstone Ruins enough times to get enough Moonwater Tears for it to matter or be relevant compared to what's needed to make any progression. Pointless and unsatisfying grinding. Also, you get banned for solo'ing Ruins too many times so, yeah. Farming BSH 4 man is an awful way to make money like I already mentioned. The RNG drop rate is so low that it's a joke, especially for the books that are actually worth a good amount. Even more pointless and even less satisfying grinding, si
  9. I knew about the trends to make money. I used some of them and also knew about how people were farming 4 man BSH to get one of two books that sell for a couple hundred gold. But see, the keyword there is farming so, yeah. The income is incredibly slow still compared to what's required, even using the trends you mentioned. Unless you have one of those books drop and I'm sure the RNG on them is god awful.
  10. So you say you aren't defending the bots yet a lot of what you said was exactly that. Yeah they might have reduced the cost of mats a little bit, it still takes forever to upgrade things because like I said, you can make over 10 gold a day from dailies if you constantly have about 5 hours a day every day to grind them out even if you do have great gear. You do know that fully maxed out True Pirate weapon upgrade costs about 250 gold, right? Yeah, I don't have the time nor the patience for that at 10 gold a day after 4 to 5 hours of work. A little RNG and grinding for instant upgrad
  11. Yep, this is a rant but I'm basically just going to list off all the issues of this game and why it made it so depressing for me to even log in. 1. The bots. There's bots in PvP, PvE, and gold selling bots. The Destroyer bots in PvP run scripts that make them nearly unbeatable. The gold selling bots are just extremely annoying and you don't have enough spots to block them all so they don't spam the chat, spam you with friend requests, and all that good stuff. Plus in PvE I've actually seen Destroyer bots teleporting across the map. 2. End game is extremely lacking and u
  12. Yeah, I've getting FPS drops down to single digits despite running lower graphical settings than I use to before. It's especially awesome when you're trying to PvP. (Not really.)
  13. You need better gear than what you have and you'll need whatever Naryu Lab Soul Shield pieces Summoner are suppose to have. Also, a trick I found with them is to knock them down as much as possible, it seems to disrupt their flow and even disables their true vision for a little while sometimes so that they can't see you in stealth.
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