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  1. ....thank you very much for your "positive" and low "impact" last minute change. Not positive in any way for people who bought them before patch recently. And certainly not low impact like you said. People (including me) lost hundreds to thousands of gold because of your last minute change. Just an apology is a little bit too unfair don't you think?
  2. I heard there are a couple reason on this. One is BnS shares the same server as MxM (needs confirmation), and the other is server merge.
  3. Pretty sure my PC is not the issue as mentioned in one of the above post. I run Battlefield 1 on max with 60fps... and bns is generally over 100 unless the script just lags. -i7-6700k oc'ed to 4.7 on water -980ti on mild oc, 138x iirc -16gb ram at 3200. forgot what the timing was. -running ssd although this doesnt matter none of the above ever overheats. I'm using Shaw which is the biggest in Canada, and as I mentioned, it never lags (or spikes) on other games like Overwatch or Battlefield. Thanks for the reply guys. I will definitely try ping
  4. As title, recently especially this past month starting gradually from 7pm PST it just lags like hell. It's not like it's a constant high ping, but rather a spike (up to 5k ms sometimes) and is unplayable. Now here are the stuffs I eliminated before every ticket I sent: 1. Region. Nope I live in Kelowna while my friends are in Vancouver; we all lag. 2. ISP. Nope two different ISP's that we are using. 3. Router/Modem/Hardware. Nope any other program or games run fine. No pocket lost. Ping test was fine. ----------------Below is salt. Tread with caution.-------
  5. the new one is coming.. so yeah wont matter that much soon.
  6. yea, just like what u said there, I'm really concerned that it might be the link for some srs attack.
  7. haha since the 2nd trove I started to believe it was rigged, but I still bought shit loads of them.
  8. Is it just me? I feel like the rate is a lot higher, except the no gem which is a bug... I got like 5 big crits from 200 (or 150, not so sure) last trove event. Haven't opened this one yet, gonna wait until the fix.
  9. I haven't updated the game yet so I can't be sure, but after some digging on internet, I found out many players on different games are complaining the most about not able to set up macros, inject .dll, or not able to open certain programs simultaneously. Keep in mind though, those are in fact a form of hacking even if it's not harmful (except the program thingy, depends on what programs are running). However, the fact that X3 is a lot more intrusive than GameGuard and logs my information is annoying, even though I don't really care about my web history (isp's already know), or my a
  10. i see then. should we try sending hijackthis file so that they can analyze it better?
  11. Are they even aware of the issue atm? Usually I am patient and good, but this time it is just too much. Every single patch CTD happens. Now this time around I don't think they are even aware of it.
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