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  1. this is literally what is wrong with this community, people who respond with such hostility. I don't know how you deal with your daily life. I actually give this person props rather than chiding them for looking for a way to learn the mechanics rather than being another person who is a burden on their team.
  2. Perception is ur reality. If you are really miserable don't play as much...People act like this game is their job, if you aren't enjoying it don't do it. I got burned out myself by looking at the mats needed for my legendary. My solution? I log on to do my dailies and that's it, I go play a little overwatch or league or whatever it is you enjoy. Other than that try joining a clan, let them help organize stuff to keep you interested. The only reason I even log on for my dailies is because 3 of my rl friends play the game as well and it gives me a chance to do something while we cha
  3. I'm not going to complain about mats in general, it's never bothered me to put aside a little time each day to try to save up for what i want next. That being said, I looked at my legendary and it is tilting me, I don't care about the mats like I said (even though the gold amount is staggering) but what drives me nuts is that in order to get it I need the weapon drop from SoulStone Plains. I get massive frame rate drop in this area, especially since server links. I get basically a slideshow as soon as I try to walk in there even if i drop the graphics to NES levels and turn off character mo
  4. Its not the timer for the fight, its the timer to advance floors you have to worry about. I am currently running out of time around floor 35 as I just don't have to dps to pull down some of the classes in order to advance, its a race against other players as well
  5. So basically when silverfrost came out the HM skill requirements got changed. I would assume you had completed the pre requisites for the old achievement and they won't take it away...I can't remember what the dungeons were exactly but the "hardest" content was the Talus dungeon
  6. that is insane. thats honestly my biggest fear...I should probably just save the money and buy rather than kick myself for playing the VERY expensive lottery
  7. Just a question as I'm getting mixed answers...What is the failure rate on these bad boys? I've heard 33% failure all the way up to 70% failure. Its a huge money sink to end up failing so it might just be cheaper in the long run to buy. Anyone have experience and can lend some insight?
  8. I think people are too concerned with what goes in the store. I mean its 45 content blue dungeons that are easily solo-able. Its convenient, it has nothing to do with NC having some sort of dastardly plan to empty the f2p players pockets. I bought a bunch on my main to help gear my SF, with a truckload of dailies i'll take the easy way out for a couple days and buy them instead of wasting my time farming old content. If you don't want to buy them don't, if its convenient shop away. Also the MTS haven't dropped in value really so it doesn't even matter.
  9. Uhhh I think he meant the way the kfm 100-0s him in the video
  10. I honestly think the people that would be willing to p2p are already premium. The games population has crumbled, the server links are evidence of that. There was a mass exodus that I think has tapered off from the bots and all of the other nonsense that is now being replaced by another exodus of players having disconnecting issues (I have only experienced this once or twice) and being unable to pay for upgrades.
  11. Idk if this information will help you at all but I mained KFM until SF. I had been waiting for SF to come out so I wanted to learn kfm to get used to the idea of the iframes and general playstyle. That being said, the game as a whole is MUCH more enjoyable with a good tank, fights go smoother, aggro resets don't cause bosses to change rotations, you are in control of the fights, etc. Even while playing my SF (which I love based on playstyle alone) I find myself very often wishing I was on kfm to make the fights go my way, this is especially evident in bad party finder groups. Ho
  12. Basically whats happening to me on floor 35+ is that i get stuffed by the amount of cc everything has. Even if it doesn't kill me with the enormous cc chains it ends up stalling out my dps to basically nothing. I don't mind though, I enjoy the harder content and getting better each time i try is motivation to keep going :D
  13. I mean the playerbase has already dwindled to nothing, pay 2 play would only make the game further cave in on itself....ask the me of 6 months ago? Hell yes I would have much rather had the setup KR has. However the point is moot now regardless
  14. If you get to a high enough rank you don't see bots. Even climbing to like 1700 I didn't see any really, more like afk'ers ruining the experience imo
  15. Hey everyone, been playing on Mushin since launch and I've been working on my SF. Was wondering if anyone would like to get the kill 1k opposing faction achievement with me. I have several friends who'd like to help out. We are cerulean, add me in game if you'd be interested- Juji Gatame Cheers :D
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