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  1. DPS Meter Request

    A dps meter didn't break rift, infact it strengthened community interaction and sharing of skill rotations.
  2. Rumblebee vs Sunflower

    In the 24 man instances once you get your stacks up of fervour then rumblebees all the way. You can easily get over 100% critical rate, and put out insane amounts of DPS, far more than you can with sunflower. Damage per focus point single target, bees is far superior. So for tanking yourself killing a single enemy, bees is usually the best way to go. However it still works best with your pet able to regen focus for you, as with over 50% crit rate, you often don't have a break in attacks, just some small slow down. Aoe damage, I don't think anything in the game is anywhere near the over all DPS of sunflower. Get a Blade Dancer to suck in your enemy faction base in misty and melt them down, you will see. At the end of the day, I have an Awakened Pirate staff, true siren ring, everything else siren and I pull agro off a Blade Dancer who has 1 more true siren item than me with Sunflower in single target, and MUCH faster with bees. So it really doesn't matter, we can output far more DPS than is required in most situation to the point we have to manage our DPS so we don't get ourselves killed.
  3. So whats expected of you to pug a BSH

    Your stats aren't that far behind my summoner, they are probably just summoner haters...
  4. Best Ping booster (must be free) ?

    +1 people have claimed to be banned for this, so I would perhaps write a support ticket asking? But apart from this, if ncsoft could just give us a ping booster we CAN use that would be awesome. I have a dedicated pipe line, usually getting under 20ms on games, here I get over 120ms most of the time. Poor show, and I would use a ping booster to enjoy the game more.
  5. Summoner ideal Soulshield set/variations ?

    I use an 8 piece BSH soul shield, with 3 pieces upgraded with crit, the rest defence. This gives me 2700 and something crit, 1400 defense, 35k hp, loads of accuracy and piercing. I find that a summoners piercing is far lower than other classes, so this 8 piece bonus allows me to wreck in PVE and PVP.
  6. Hacked

    Okay good, have to check these things ;)
  7. Hacked

    Where you drinking the night before? Have to check these things, hope you understand.
  8. bloodshade harbor

    Focus regen should be fixed in this patch I hope...
  9. BnS Unplayable :/

    Restart your PC, if that fails there is a support section of the forum. This is always so far easy to fix.
  10. Glaive Master.....

    Vindictus rocks. But I'm addicted to Blade and Soul. I would love my archer from Vindictus here....
  11. I really want my portable storage too...
  12. A Warning To Good Players

    I only do this to troll guild mates. Good times.
  13. Best soul shield piece to infuse for crit?

    Best farmed one I found so farm is dokomu from skittering. Part 3 has 104 crit on it. I think there was a part with 121 crit but I don't remember the number. For now I am happy with 90 crit per part on my pvp soul shield.
  14. Who does maintenance in the middle of the day?

    You need to update your knowledge. [edit] Here:
  15. Who does maintenance in the middle of the day?

    The side effect of 0 downtime is that you can add and take away servers as required. Because that's how it works.