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  1. @xchedeik1o lol totally agree OP. HAH HA! Verily, I hath lold. :D
  2. I'm burned out. No more patience for the treadmill, and not enough free time to pretend otherwise. However, when we catch up to KR eventually, perhaps this new preset will get her time to shine.
  3. Tabasco here. I typically just spectate these threads and keep going, but for once I feel like sharing a perspective. Forgive me, this is a maximum-strength text wall, but then again I rarely say anything so here goes lol. You have got to understand, and realize that the segment of people you're referring to no longer have fun in the game. For those people this mmo is no longer entertaining. The veil of immersion and context is rescinded, and the value of patience and kindness has eroded. This behaviour is no mystery, but i'll save that discussion for a different post... It can
  4. Well.. Yes. There are seven sliders that influence this. In addition to primary height width and size, the Shoulder Width, Torso Size, "body thickness" slider-- which is labeled Build, as well as character height also have an effect. Careful with the shoulder width/torso size sliders though, unanticipated effects wearing certain outfits. I'll let you figure out what combination of sliders gives you what you are looking for. That Jin character is actually maximum character height and build. So I'm sure you're thinking, wow, so she's giant?
  5. Hah HA! I never thought anyone would ever challenge Dowra's most-adorable-ever title (from page 118), but you have found a way lol! +1
  6. They are the same size in all of the images, only the perspective is different. No mods are required to achieve this lol. The first character is a Gon, idling in the alternative standing pose for symmetry. Gon wearing that outfit have the highest scaling in the game, so no surprise there. (common scaling vs. Empress scaling): -- Though if you can believe it, I didn't max out all of the sliders on this character. Technically, there is a numerically larger value, though because of the way outfits are programmed to wrap, I think perceptually this is the largest possible. It's
  7. Normally I wouldn't have any objection to this idea. I mean, a couple of my characters already exhibit this proclivity: But wouldn't larger be a bit wild? ..Though it might be interesting. I mean, I guess I wouldn't really be against it. Y'know, for science™. Yes.. yes, Science.
  8. lol thanks! Indeed, he is the Soul Fighter I rolled when I replaced the Warlock. (from the SF thread, here and here.) Soul Fighters have more fun! :]
  9. OOMG, the Jin get to wear an Apple Watch with the Groove swimsuit?!: Hah HA! The boys win this round hands down. DO WANT, you guys. Alas, I will go wanting, because they priced this at.. twenty five dollars? (really?) I was considering it, but then I realized that Hyper Light Drifter was still in my Steam Wishlist. This one outfit, or that entire game, --and still have $5? lol
  10. Two new(ish) characters with this patch. Warlock re-rolled into Soul Fighter And Blade Master Totally caved and bought the beachwear.
  11. I told myself that I didn't need to buy a bikini. I TOLD myself I was fine without it. But, but then :O HASHTAG NOREGRETS.
  12. Strength training Hongmoon SECRET TECHNIQUE: "Bandit Deadlift" :D
  13. @Poroph Oh my. This has to be breaking some kind of handsomeness speed limit or something. +1.
  14. First update to this character since my original post 100 pages ago. What does that destroyer look like now? lol, LIKE SOMEONE NEEDS TO GET DESTROYED: All action, all day: Okay, I still like to chillax from time to time:
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