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  1. Bns State of the Game in Eu

    auction house need to be taken down no trade should be allowed on a game infested as Bns
  2. simple answer for the tittle nop nop nop nop.
  3. Suggestion:Remove AP on non-main weapon

    NCSoft is no doing anything not even banning bots that been reported with sending tickets with screenshots and videos to get these bots banned. i'm saying this cuz of the fact that i have 2 bots that been spamming me now for almost 2 months same 2 exact accounts and ncsoft would not ban them yet both are online as we speak. i did complain and said this on many threads asked for help from support team over 30 tickets in these past 2 months and nop these 2 bots are still spamming me. i quit the game but i still read the forums hoping something will change but nop. all they did was ban me from forums for 8 days for asking help
  4. Suggestion:Remove AP on non-main weapon

    that will not work at all.. Siren or profain is not that expensive they would stop at that point of upgrading weps are not the issue here... and they make more money spending a little of it for upgrades would not even harm them one bit. mass bots make lots of money and 1 pc would be running like 8-12 of them on average
  5. Give the summoner a dog already

    scummoners nuff said.
  6. your not concerned about bots? its an example for you that ncsoft is not doing anything to them, so what make's u think they would do anything to a smart hacker than a dumb bot on a spam loop?
  7. your asking why hackers are still alive for a week? just to let u know BnS don't ban bots anymore, i have 2 bots that been friend requesting me for 2 months now, and i made many tickets to get them banned, and all they keep telling me they are investigating these accounts and before they ban they wanna be sure its a 3rd party bot users, its been 2 months now and the same 2 bots are alive and online as we speak. this game is beyond dead i lost hope long time, what they are good at is banning us in here from forums and constantly deleting our posts for saying the truth in their faces. its been a week i was locked from the forums and it won't surprise me if they added another week now. sad game.
  8. quitting

    this game should not be played under this company they completely ruined it
  9. Spinning Disk at E.Fleet

    i'm freaking out i was about to say that too
  10. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    its not news... it happens all the time
  11. P2w or not?

    i said its p2w and my post was deleted good job ncsoft delete my post for saying the truth. play for free but pay to win is it really bad saying this to delete my post?
  12. What is your day like in Blade & Soul?

    1. Daily Dash 3 spins 2.logout.
  13. B&S is pay to win ?

    p2w ofc..