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  1. FPS Optimization, Nvidia GPU (non-client mod)

    Really nicely done video guide, takes about 10 minutes and u get a pretty nice boost in performance. i7-6700k @ 4.2ghz DDR4 16gb @ 2400mhz Gtx 1070 @2000mhz tested in mushin tower with zero people around both times Before changing profile settings, 4k maxed all settings AA disabled, motion disabled: 90fps (characters hidden) After: 121+ fps (bns limiter is dumb since it nerfs 144hz monitors lol) take with a grain of salt, but maybe it'll help some other people as well.
  2. Alt Clans With No Rank To Farm BP

    lol what? "You have these whales making alt clans literally hours before clan versus clan starts. Just to farm everyone with no gear" no gear = P2P players? The problem is not with 6v6 only, its with the mindset of the community that doesn't want to play the game for the enjoyment of it but rather to degrade the experience of others for minor if any benefit for themselves, whether it be whales or these clan 6v6 abusers. Also, not F2P rant, I got a master pack to support the game from the very start and understand what it means to keep a game up and running. Just talking about the state of the game in general no need to be so hostile I agree with your concerns and hope for them to address it soon
  3. I just hope they aren't focusing on MXM more than BnS simply because they want it to have a smooth launching period over the summer. That game has the potential to flop as hard as Wildstar
  4. Ncoin/Trove/Better for everyone

    Yeah, 1.4k ncoins in different currencies mean different things. the cost of living in asia while indeed low, is reflected by the average wages that the typical worker gets monthly. NCsoft takes that into account when deciding rates. That being said, its true that they overcharge here in the West simply because the whales got more to spend :/ compared to asia where people only can pitch in a few bucks
  5. Alt Clans With No Rank To Farm BP

    The struggles are real in this game, but like the GMs always say, the community isn't big enough for them to be profitable using a more F2P model. which is a real shame. Thing is the whales will get to end game by spending 3k USD on trove or RNG boxes, but miss the entire point of the game. so in about a month, they put their account up for sale on shady websites in an attempt to cover their losses. That being said, NCwest is understaffed and spread too thin to do much about it, and these whales are what keep the servers up even if the servers are of questionable integrity haha
  6. I don't know where to post this and general seems like were everyone dumps stuff so here's a quick petty rant Asura 6 man normal mode for daily mission. Team dashes through the first few parts very quickly, and we instantly melt the two fat babies until only one of them had like 5k health. A relatively newer player on the team accidentally does a cc kd on the boss and he jumps over. No big deal, I was the one tanking so I put up sword shroud and the fm cast ice on me so i don't get pulled over. Out of nowhere this assassin, HM13 mind you, berates the poor guy for his accidental cc. Granted the miniboss had 5k hp, and jumped back in a matter of like 20 seconds and instantly got popped. Now here's where the real kicker: the sin thinks that we wronged him when I called him out to chill, followed by agreement of the party. It wasn't a big deal, we melted the minibosses faster than the majority of parties I've had the pleasure to be part of and everyone can make a mistake while playing with 9999999 ping. Instead of being like w.e. Im HM13 with raven gear and represent what players should look up to (relatively speaking), he afk's the remainder of the dungeon (the underground pass, arena, lightning iruga, and asura). Not that we needed his dps since we had good coordination regardless with a warlock popping SB left and right. However, it's just hypocritical that he fussed over the 20s he "lost" from that miniboss fight that he wastes more time by not doing anything Maybe I'm the one not in the right here so would be cool to get your opinion on this. #apologizes for the cruddy editing lol, really bad at mspaint Edit 1:[updated pics with perp's name censored out in a bit] Edit 2: [removed - PhoenixMitra]
  7. Lag and low fps

    while the original creators of this website left the game due to community issues not being addressed by NCWest, they loved the game and what it stood for and wrote guides to help the community out: This is a link to the page on game optimization, take with grain of salt. https://www.bns.academy/english/game-optimisation/
  8. apologizes, not too sure how to work out ping plotter, but this is for the main web, i assume its similar to game? This seattle.level3 node is pretty shitty lol
  9. do you not understand the difference between 200ms ping and 20ms ping? have you tried to play league of legends at over 100ms compared to 10ms? Do you even play this game?
  10. 400k for a regional championship is great for publicity and the skillful pvp'ers, but this money will be definitely hard to come up with from a limited community with strapped wallets. Ironically, this game's focus was always on PVP, from its beginnings its potential in esports was always PVP but the company can't even get adequate servers to allow US players low enough ping to PVP (unless you live in redneck texas). How do you expect anyone to enjoy the game when the core part of the game is unplayable? EVERY EVENT IS A CASH GRAB, BUT WHERE IS THIS CASH GOING TO??? I understand that the overhead for this game is barely being met to keep it running, (at least thats what a staffer said in a post prior) but at this rate the game isn't going to ever be profitable. Hold off on developing new content and cut unnecessary overhead and get adequate equipment to support the existing community. I waited over 5 years for the NA release, and even bought a master pack to show my support for its release and I'm so disheartened over its lack of attention to community outrage such as botting and outright cash grabs. The community is what keeps and expands the game's profitability, not mindless events where cash whales get further ahead and the community is left with bitter resentment. When your community is happy, money will naturally come in to support the game they love, even it means spending 10 bucks on an outfit they'll never wear more than two times. When your community has over 100ms ping so that typing in chat is even delayed, you have something seriously wrong in priorities. If you need 500k to upgrade the servers, tell us that and be transparent with everything, the people who have stuck with the game would never want to see it die in the foreseeable future and not have a chance to do something about it. We have a more active player base than maplestory and runescape, I doubt the incentive to better the game wouldn't resound with less than half of them. Hell, put on a sale for annual membership to support new servers, I'll personally buy three. I love this game and Hyung-Tae Kim's artwork so please make it as lag free as it is beautiful tldr; please get better servers and staff, delay content and event development or just tell us what and how much you need to get better servers and necessary staff.
  11. Almost as Toxic as League.

    there edited <3 sorry if I offended you haha. maybe its the english language thats a bit more crude and such, asian language curses and disses are quite mediocre comparatively speaking lmfao
  12. Almost as Toxic as League.

    I made a statement in the region chat saying how I finally recruited a summoner into guild and that made pvp-ing blues a lot easier (since you know the overwhelming numbers) and he was like he can 2 shot crims and has 1200g cuz blue side is best sorta deal Then i whispered him how he made the gold (kinda wanted advice since im not exactly pro like he is apparently)
  13. Almost as Toxic as League.

    haha nah, but its just been my experience that people here on the american servers are alot less "for the benefit of the group as a whole" and more individualistic much like the common american mentality, Which i understand and i personally reflect at times. However, from my game time on the other asian servers, i feel as if they were more helpful to each other and friendlier in general without so much salt. That said, its my personal experience which is heavily baised since I am the one viewing the content. sorry for any offenses
  14. Almost as Toxic as League.

    Mushin Blues....seriously the cancer of this game lmfao like who even would treat people like this? people apparently don't realize that the other faction is also supporting this game and why it was even as successfully as it is right now. Pretty salty right now so posting this lmfao. Ain't even that mad about how severe the faction inbalance is on mushin (aka 50% of crimson is bots and the system thinks its even with blues which are end game players mostly that didn't want to bother organizing anything so just left red) but this is just stupid, players help players, and shouldn't discriminate like this clown
  15. Cool sword glamours?

    Lv45 POH 24 man raid, run it. Find polar ice monster. Get box. Get sword skin. Golden katana. Im currently using it and it's amazing lol