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  1. I've done some tests myself. Nothing wrong with my PSU, GPU, RAM or CPU. Anyone could guess what the problem is? I don't have too much time testing things out today. Specs: MSI GTX 1080 seahawk edition (stress tested) i7 7700k not OC'd (stress tested) 32gb ram (stress tested) Corsair HX750 (tested with a PSU meter)
  2. Blademasters have high block and burst damage. The stat you want to pump into is 75% crit and 25% block. Try to get Black ram supply fleet #8, #6, #5, with crit. Moonwater Arena #2 with crit. Get Moonwater Arena #3 and #7 with block. The final two pieces should be blackram supply. You can choose to go for block or crit, I'd go with crit. Use Cinderlands Primers critical to upgrade every soulshield with crit. For the people wondering why I say cinderlands, moonwater is too expensive atm. The 103 crit soulshields are fine. An other option would be getting Elite critical #8 in the e.f
  3. Don't get shocked if I tell you this, but the daily dash is not a one time only thing. All of them have bags in them, and you're not forced to carry all that. You can just leave the pickaxes, jars and whatever you just mentioned in your storage. The only thing you need to bring with you is the Keys, dumping, healing potion and unsealing charm. With the current daily dash you can either unlock one more row in your inventory or unlock 3-4 rows in your secodary storage,
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