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  1. I've done some tests myself. Nothing wrong with my PSU, GPU, RAM or CPU. Anyone could guess what the problem is? I don't have too much time testing things out today. Specs: MSI GTX 1080 seahawk edition (stress tested) i7 7700k not OC'd (stress tested) 32gb ram (stress tested) Corsair HX750 (tested with a PSU meter)
  2. And I'm quitting

    It's just silly. I expected some content that required you know WORK. Finished all the new content in the first two hours it released and now it's back to just spamming daillies on easy mode content and a few hongmoon levels. It's the new daily dash that ruined it for me though. Weren't the daily dash rewards for NA and EU going to swap for this month? Instead we get something that you get the item you land on and this will be the board for EIGHT WEEKS. You get silly useless items and two dragon pouches hardly justify how useless the reward is. Should've made it atleast 8 or 11, so you'd get the feeling "Hey, I actually got something out of this.", instead of something thats just doing to fill up your storage if you don't want to spend more money yet. Before anyone attacks me for the above. I already bought premium, dragon pouches and some other stuff when the game released. I already have three level45's, fully geared with one being up to true siren and awakened siren acc's and and the other two on true infernal. I personally don't feel like doing daillies day in and day out without actual progress, cause I really don't feel like repeating the same thing over and over on three characters. If the content I wouldn't have been done with the game. I'm just going to wait till lvl50 and for warlock. Most likely not planning to spend more money on the game, everything seems to be magically increasing in price costume wise (I'm obviously not talking about the valentines stuff). So cya people~
  3. New costumes in Hongmoon Store

    Costumes are increasing in price, making it less likely for me to even bother with them. Heck, I'm lucky that I stocked up on 200 fabrics and 90 high quality fabrics before they became that expensive. In the first two weeks you could get fabrics for 8g per 10 and high quality ones 1-2g per 3. Now it costs 20g to try for even one High quality outfit pouch.
  4. Level 7 Floor Boss Broken

    Nice photoshop. You forgot the part the trophies become yellow after unlocking it.
  5. warlock?

    On multiple occassions and twitter posts by ncsoft they clearly stated that Warlock won't come with this patch. Only nightshare, mushin tower and the hongmoon levels were planned.
  6. Level 7 Floor Boss Broken

    "level 7 floor boss broken". He's working as intended. He's the same way as he is in the other versions, so you're basicly saying you want a dumped down fight, so you don't need any strategy like all the other stuff thats currently released? Git gud.
  7. Solo farming BW/Terror no credit

    I wonder when people will realize that this game runs on unreal engine 3. That can't be optimized to the point it runs perfectly. They'd have to upgrade to Unreal engine 4, which will take the game out of run for atleast a year, not even mentioning the alpha testing, closed beta testing, stress testing and actual release of the game. Which mean that the game won't be playable for atleast two years during an engine upgrade. You people should stop sounding like idiots and think it's easy to any of that stuff. Hide players and be done with it.
  8. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    About the inventory and whatever the cashshop has to offer. If they don't change anything to the drop system for level50, you'll be getting over 100-200 ncoins every 3 days. This does mean you'll have to wait for a few months and you know... manage everything. Another method is buying it from people. Aparently its 1gold for 100ncoin. Meaning you can easily get 23 dragon pouches a day if you buy from players and they gift them to you. Personally I've only spend money once on this game and it was for premium, all the other things in the game can easily be gotten by buying it from others.
  9. How is blademaster's dps in pve?

    Blademasters have high block and burst damage. The stat you want to pump into is 75% crit and 25% block. Try to get Black ram supply fleet #8, #6, #5, with crit. Moonwater Arena #2 with crit. Get Moonwater Arena #3 and #7 with block. The final two pieces should be blackram supply. You can choose to go for block or crit, I'd go with crit. Use Cinderlands Primers critical to upgrade every soulshield with crit. For the people wondering why I say cinderlands, moonwater is too expensive atm. The 103 crit soulshields are fine. An other option would be getting Elite critical #8 in the e.fleet. People still don't get that there is no actual tank, dps or healer class. All of them can do this, some only have self heals, while others can give a small AoE DoT. You also have skills to make it easier to do it. That doesn't mean they're a tank. All classes can pretty much tank. BM : Parry/block KFM : Counter Destro : Spin LBM : Spin FM : Kite + Q/E Sin : Evade/Stealth Sum : Cat defense form/taking health from the cat while fighting. All classes also have pretty much their own strengths with dps. BM is pretty much Burst damage. High amount of damage over a short period of time, so it really requires proper combo's.
  10. [MUSHIN] OWPVP Dead 2 Weeks in.

    Wow, a server where blue is overpolating the red, lol. Anyway, I don't know about there, but the crimsons over in the hao district are pretty bad. People pretty much keep farming in a single channel.
  11. bump for fix to ninjaloot

    Let's be honest. In Cross-server this shouldn't even be possible. It should be standard with the bid system. I sort of had this happening with dokumo in the first week. A lvl35 was the party lead for some reason and tried to talk us into sharing loot with him.
  12. February 10 came the warlock ?

    The 10th will bring 5 hongmoon levels, some skills from the lvl50 content and a new 24-man raid.
  13. Class for High Ping Players

    FM and Summoner, Blade dancers are pretty much the only classes that are high ping friendly. Once the warlock and chimaster releases there will be a few more. Chi master is a KFM + FM in one.
  14. Transformation stone

    Don't be so damn lazy. Level to 45, do your dailies. It takes 1-2 hours a day to make 12-15g. The moonwater transformation stone has been going forth between 5 and 7 gold. You don't have to upgrade your weapon to the latest it can be each time. In some cases profane isn't even useful for some classes, so people tend to keep true infernal till they can instantly bring their weapon to Awakened Siren, where the important stats come back for those. If you would throw the transformation stones in the cash shop, this would only mean that crafting them is useless. Also, what price? I've seen what brilliant moonwater key goes for and a transformation stone is definitely not worth the same amount.
  15. Compensation?

    They don't have to do anything like compensation in the case of a maintenance, only in this case the EU server has been crashing on a daily basis and having it down every single time. I don't know how long it has been down this time, but definitely longer than a few hours, since I tried to log into the game this morning and it's now in the afternoon and still can't get in. The only thing I'm seeing at the moment is that the NA servers have better support and it's just "whatevever" for the EU Server. In basis business 101 you'd like to keep your customers happy to keep them coming back and spend money. In this cause I'm already put off from buying premium ever again, I'm most likely not the only one, actually, I'm 100% sure of it. This means they lose out on some money, At first glance it doesn't look like much one or two people not buying premium, they'll only miss 30 euro's right? Here is where that mentality goes wrong. It doesn't stop with two. Even if it's just a small compensation like giving back the hours the premium people lost due to the down time, 11 dragon pouches or a single moonwater transformation stone. This would show they care about their EU players to, and will make the players 'happy'.