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  1. Before we even start cause I know some people will say that Im just hating or whatever and that is fine. But you know what for a person that streams and they suppose to be sponsor by NCsoft this is real sad. This guy begged his stream for the recipe for a day and half and even said that he would ban ppl over saying they had it and wouldnt sell it to him. He even offer real life money for the recipe well the rest of us have to grind or ass off for the recipe or grind the gold that is need to buy it he get for a cheaper price cause ppl feel sorry for him how is that fair to the rest of the community that is grinding to get the recipe. Where he can just use his stream to getr it cheaper or sometimes for free, and this isnt the first time it has happen one his stream as well. But i know ppl that like this person will say that it is fine and that it is fair when it not, he shouldnt get special treatment cause ppl want him to know they exist. BUt let that had been a simple joe smith doing the same thing he would have been be little and talked cause of the means that he got the recipe and everyone would have thought it wasnt far.
  2. What have you really added to the post beside information that any person can find out by using google. We asking about the weapon cause it important to us just as the EU spamming about the server problems and the other 80% of the NA players crying for a nerf warlock class. SO at the end of the day we have the right to ask about information that we want since NA wants to do it own thing with the game. How would you add a weapon from KR that is open world pvp base that is not even in the KR version anymore and if you did any research of the weapon you would know that there is no lvl 45 storm legendary weapon it only lvl 50 so if that does not pose for information then I dont know what does.
  3. Again you either missed the point of the post or you didnt read the post. One it was already said in the post that he has played other version of the game and has been playing for a few years already meaning the weapon that they said was getting is no longer in any other version of the game. He made the post to see if they are doing something different for the legendary weapon. The fact that you can sit here and say to wait till March 2nd to find out is mind blowing, when the last couple of weeks ppl have been blowing up the forums for the warlock class. How about if you dont have any information to add to the post then dont reply to it cause you are not the only one that wants to know this information.
  4. Just unlock the Warlock already

    The issue is that im trying to explain to you that the warlock class is a 50 patch class because all the other version have got the class at the same patch which make it a 50 patch. TW version also had the updated version of the client like KR and still do the same thing and did not release the class before the 50 patch cause what you do not know is that the class is to over power with the skill patch that we already have for the patch that we have you think just cause it in the client that it is not a 50 patch class when it is. You would not need a party of 6 to do any content of the game if they added warlock to game right now. You played the class so i dont need to explain to you why it the only class at lvl 7 doing 2k crits. so you already know the damage at end game. At the end of the day you are only 2 patches away from the class anyway so not sure why you need a answer unless you just being a pain. next patch is lab and floor 8 after that is the 50 patch if they do it like the last patch then the next patch is when the event end if not then you will just have to wait just like the rest of us. You dont think i want the class a while but instead of here crying about getting a date im making money in game to support my warlock when it get release so i dont have to do it then im doing it now so my warlock will have everything it when and all i ahve to do is lvl i dont have to worry about dailies or farm mats for nothing that is something you should be doing instead of talking about playing class you dont want to play. Cause at the end of the day you will be so behind and things will cost so much for oyu that you will be back here crying about the price of things for warlock so why you hear crying there real warlock are planning to over price you noobs that have to do everything in the game well we already have what we need and take the lil money that you have.
  5. Just unlock the Warlock already

    The only reason the warlock is in this version of the game is because we have the lastest patch of KR version that was said when we got the game and it was also said that they will release the patch's in the same order but of course you miss that part right you didnt hear that and we can all see that you dont understand anything about software. Like why do you people always act like you are owe something you are not owe anything and there is no reason to bring something in the game before it due just to please some spoiled cry baby child that doesnt understand anything when they dont get their way leave the game go play something else but one thing for sure is that you will not be miss
  6. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Ok if you know about the warlock class then you already played it before and already know when the patch is coming. The warlock class is in the 50 patch no one cares if it is a switch or not to put the class in the game. The warlock does not come with the patch that we have and it wont be added until the 50 patch so get over yourself and leave it alone already. I dont know why ya in a rush for the warlock anyway it NA so 90% of the players playing warlock are going to be just as bad as the 90% that is playing summoner so I'm glad i dont have to party with you now in this patch on a class that is clearly over power for this patch and see you do bad on it so think about that while you are banging your head against the desk and bored at work.
  7. When The Game Back On

    Yup i dont get error 200 anymore but I still cant login into the game after the pin it just stays there.