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  1. Can confirm the character info page isn't updating since maintenance. Doesnt update after logging out or refreshing.
  2. The flying cheat is new as of today, So this is what they are doing they are in the air with a bomb above the faction NPC merchant and they bomb ppl before you get to turn in. So be aware about this.
  3. It gets worse this morning they started flying with guns :/ I am trying to get video of that now
  4. if anyone wants the link to this video PM me as Im sure this post will be locked soon
  5. ^ I guess he has a friend now I saw a summoner cheating with him just now. AWESOME
  6. I feel you :*( this is really frustrating for me as I am not really one for pvp. To get soulstones, I have to farm prestige & turn in for the soulstone pouches. Then this *cricket* cheater comes along and kills me, taking all my prestige. It shouldn't take 3 *cricket*ing days to ban people like this.
  7. I have lost over 600 or more Prestige to this guy and and he is able to clip under the map and come out from under us with a gun? How is he not banned when I already submit video of him 3 days ago doing the same thing? I've not seen any other cheaters besides him yet ... in open world that is
  8. Video proof, this guy has been on Mushin server for 3 or more days doing this, I've reported with video and many others as well why isn't he banned yet? Come on NcSoft! More video of the speed hacker who is also able to clip under map.
  9. If you watch the video I linked in the OP you will see the hacker come out of the ground. He would come up from the ground where we were killing the mobs and then speedhack/port away
  10. Yeah I got his name and I did report already.
  11. 980 ti :P and regardless teleport/ speedhacking whatever, its cheating and I just want to warn people as this guy was looking for people with high prestige to kill. I lost 300 so I am a bit salty :P
  12. https://www.twitch.tv/sugarfervor/v/57441587 Just be aware this guy is doing this and turning in your prestige for soulstone pouches please report him.
  13. We just purged & are only taking in people who will join our fun & active discord community :D msg us in game for an invite!
  14. Hello I run Divinus on Mushin / cerulean order. I am from Toronto and most of my clan is east coasters :) send me a msg in game KattFallon
  15. Bumping We have space for 5 new members :D please msg me in game!
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