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  1. Warden build

    Wrong ice is strong for PvE and Lightning is for PvP due to speed
  2. So what would be good gems to use for leveling from 1-55 and yet worth using for end game ?
  3. Help deciding mains ?

    What about warden ? yet want to have less stess on my fingers
  4. Help deciding mains ?

    What about Soul Fighters ??
  5. Help deciding mains ?

    Yet haven't played BNS for long time yet stopped playing after Gunner launch (lvl 50) and yet decided to come back and now warden coming out in week and half now what would be a great class to pair up with my lady friend who's 33 (BM) what would be good class to level/do stuff with her to 50+ ?
  6. Returning scrub player

    Yet friend of mine convinced me to rejoin BNS and yet want to play from scratch and yet wondering which class would be fun and easiest to play and easier to gear to max ?
  7. Since already finished main storyline and yet struggling to play as Shadow due to being in Australia (350ms+) wondering if fire be best way or reroll to summoner ?
  8. Will you be a Fire or Shadow Gunslinger?

    Shadow for me <3
  9. Consider returning for Gunner ..

    I loved summoner and yeah guess ill be 100% maining Gunner(Maestro) to max level :)
  10. Consider returning for Gunner ..

    So your saying next month or 2 cool :) will be back for this <3
  11. Consider returning for Gunner ..

    I know but when will Gunner be out due to loving the class though look's very fun and interesting (Range DPS ftw)
  12. So wondering is worth coming back and playing gunner to max level (easier gameplay ?)
  13. Can't cancel premium

    Go cancel via paypal first to remove auto renewal then contact ncsoft ASAP while cancelling
  14. Anyone level 50 yet? :D

    << isn't rushing cause last time i did that was with warlock and GOT bored SUPER fast and quit due to taking too much RL time