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  1. @Dellecross Your character is more than geared for the task at hand. Just go through the guide above, it's probably the best there is. To have it even easier I would recommend: - Upgrading bracer to stage 10 for extra dps boost - Using spicy dumpling food for extra crit/accuracy boost - Speccing your talents appropriately according to your class. For example the first 2 bosses requires that you have fast 1 bar CCs, while the last 2 require that you have multiple frames resist. - Remember the basic principles of yellow = blockable while red = unblockable.
  2. Judging by the number of boxes there, you've spent 10-12+ hours a day, for 3 days. That's doing Zaiwei only. No other character dailies, weeklies or raids. While it's nice that you enjoy the benefits, some of us have to do additional things during the day like work, etc. The KR grind mentality only works in NA/EU for high school/college students. But then those are mostly F2P and bring nothing in terms of revenue to the game. This again makes me wonder why some of us are still paying for a subscription every month...
  3. You may be up to something, detective RavTH. Be careful as the path is dangerous...
  4. Community manager? What is that ... ? Forums are on fire and there's literally no one here for damage control. Impossible to imagine that this feedback hasn't reached the whole NC West team's ears yet. "Hey guys... we're looking into it!" .. followed next day by something like "We've heard your feedback and we'll try adjusting the drop rates a bit, fix tagging issues, and add some compensation on the next maintenance" ... blah blah ... etc NO ?! Have a nice day then
  5. If by no time you mean several months, then yes! With premium and a bit of troving. As a new lvl 36 new player with no alts at least.
  6. Yup, @Babbletr0n did say we would get credit just for tagging bosses... except the damage contribution one. Not really working as intended so far.
  7. Sorry but you sound like the toxic guy here. He meant very low FPS by lag, and he wasn't *crying*... he was just stating actual facts. You don't have to attack people. If you don't have anything interesting to say, just move along. Back to discussing how nice this event is!
  8. What... you can earn.. 4 .. FOUR! .. TT wings?! Incredible!!! That's everything I needed to finish the game.
  9. The event designer/organizer really deserves a raise here. Fantastic event. Extremely rewarding and polished!
  10. Not until next year for sure. The problem in this game is that instead of addressing a "new player baseline" that they're able to follow up regardless when they start to play, they get these temporary grind "events" going which are just temporary band-aids. If you don't manage to play enough in that period, I guess you're screwed and have to wait a few months until the next one.
  11. Yup - if we're about to live the Halloween spirit - they should at least let us choose what and how we want to do.
  12. If we are to somehow enjoy this event, at least do that. Maybe... just *maybe* we're a bit sick and tired of doing the same old dungeons every mufn single week! Forcing us to combine that with Zaiwei mob hunting (God knows how long that will take in practice with actual people around) will only wear us down more. Events are supposed to be fun and rewarding. Right now what you're giving us are overpriced costumes, weak rewards, RNG boxes for gambling addictions and a crap metric ton of grinding. Consider it, if you will.
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