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  1. Why you quit?

    Chat spammers, market limitations. limited market items sold, inability to trade hard earned raid drops, THE FFFKING BOTS everywhere, the out of no where lag spikes, BDO which I already bought a package and don't feel like wasting anyone's time by being in game. I was playing this game for the mean time as a pastime but the game fail at that too. At least for me, I'm pretty sure many will disagree with me and I respect that. You guys keep enjoying.
  2. Gw2, ESO and others with a pay wall.
  3. I think you are really full of shit. I play GW2 and I don't remember when was the last time I saw bots spamming the chat. A pay wall on this game accompanied by a daily mass banned will teach those ffkers a lesson. Pay $30 dollars, spam, banned. Lets see how long will they want to keep bring their business over here. Unfortunately this is not the case and they will continue to spam the crap out of this game. But its too late for them since I already uninstalled. I cant put up with chat spam, limited item limit on market and a ridiculous RNG along other crap like master loot. I also play ESO and no bot spam there.
  4. On the Topic of RNG

    I ran away from games like Vindictus and came here to only find myself using 250 something keys and not get that Hujikar sword. I got a ton of everything else. Oh o h and guess what, those are not even tradable to get some profit out of the raid. I will be running away from this game pretty soon and that's not the only reason. Already uninstall too so.
  5. To every player you are not safe

    sigh this made me so glad I didnt spend a dime in this game and that I will soon quit.
  6. Is this pay to win

    I got conqueror's package. See you ingame bruh!!!
  7. Is this pay to win

    I played BDO JP for quite sometime. I don't know if you have seen the character creator tool because I think you have no idea what you are talking about. The character customization level in that game surpasses any from any other MMo out there, including this one. You can Dis many aspect s of the game and I might not say anything but you can practically make very detailed look a likes to incredible detail and similarities. In other words, You have no idea of what you are talking about. Saying something like that makes it obvious that you have no idea of what you are talking about.
  8. Is this pay to win

    Not pay to win but if you pay, you get a little extra stuff. This wont make you stronger than the next player but will make you make money faster, more market room to sell etc.. A few extra perks for financially supporting the game. I haven't spend a dime and that's because I will not stay long with BnS. Its a good game but there are some things missing for me personally. Its really fun though and community is helpful in-game. That has been my personal experience.
  9. So where is my archer class

    Got to love the dumb asses in this forum. Guy makes a suggestion and suddenly a horde of idiots attack him with " go to other game or It cant be done". Like what the ffk is wrong with you people. First of all, adding another class will only make the game a lot more diverse. and this is good for a game. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it cant be done. I hate Kung Fu master but its there and I don't complain. This is a video game and they can implement many things including a ranger class. Only down side to adding classes is having to rebalance the rest. There are archers NPCs in this game. To think that the developers will not implement a class just because they don't like it, is the most narrow minded and ignorant shit there is. Its like a DJ not playing a specific popular genre just because he doesn't like it. I bet he gets a lot of calls to parties. I read that post but that was only some people speculating. There is no actual article specifying why there are no Ranger classes "yet" in this game. Get your heads out of your asses already.
  10. Forum spam

    Whats up with the spamfest?
  11. LOL ty though. However I think, there is something fishy about that though.
  12. I believe the magic is in mix and match.
  13. Could be but many U.S. players are experiencing this issue.
  14. error login

    Theres already a big thread about this please search. Many of us are experiencing the same issue.
  15. I'm still invested in other games and if anything I will be dropping this one for BDO. Don't get me wrong this is a good game but its missing some elements that would make me enjoy it even more.