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  1. all I got from your answer is " go away the battlefield is not for you and new ppl "
  2. why thei don't make battlefield for same lvl hm1 - hm10 and hm 10 to ....any other lvl here are 2 reasons 1 ppl whit h10+ can 1 shot and kill and second reasons thei please you to stop join battlefield ( sometimes in good / and bad way ) even lower lvl have dailys there and + maybe after complete story mode and some dungeons some of us wanna try battlefield after all wats the point repetitive dungeons , upgrade items are not easy and it takes time .... very long time
  3. look at ranks , play in tag or whirlwind and than post a replay
  4. wow wow wow thei do have " remember the whirlwind leavers "
  5. delay ebondrake citadel and adjust / balance skills for all class + take in consideration lag summoner skills in special need to be nerfed for to much long thei have been in top tag , tower , whirlwind even gm use summoner ( preview youtu.be/8h-HI8KvM0Y ) i wish to see playing soul fighter or fm in that video
  6. yes second wind i have 3 points and its working fine just like tornado
  7. i ask for info , help or its a bug . Soul Figther skill F name skill : Retreat it shows for less than 1 second that is 1.7 milliseconds if i dont press in this time i cant escape from knockdown , daze ,unconscious . i play at 40 fps .110 /130 ping 80% i m using ice skills and lose many fights becouse i dont press in time this skill . any suggestions are welcome . dont ask to change class , race ,skills
  8. even in pve thei call it " healer class " chow chow i use more heling tonic than a lynblade dancer same lvl . 12 k damge hit how many times you see it in a 1 houre of gameplay
  9. this skills was designed in dumbster 1 frist combo dragon fist chance to hit enemy 7 % ( this combo working 100 % on low lvl mobs who stay on same spot or trainig dummy ) 2 windstorm combo in 30 / 40 sec can be made 3 time for a total damge of 1200 / 1350 than we have ( Z skill focus chi ) with one minute cooldown ( one minute this is a real joke ) elbow smash / blazing twin cobra is this even work on other player or only on mobs all this at lvl 50 + hm 6 atack power 419 hp 70594
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