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  1. Actually I dont mad about remowing from rewards, finaly I'm no a kid. Just dont like the way they choosed.
  2. To be honest I got my doubt before it was admited on stream it was ok. At such situation there could be lot of solution that would make every side happy. First one after reporting messages they could write in NEWS and Forum that such behavior is not correct and have concequences if someone use it. Its simple and can be done without any patches. At that time most of ppl still got gold rank around 1,7k. problem realized and solved. Another solution admit own mistake, appologize by community . Remove reward and as excuse give to everyone any outfit and 2 of currently aut
  3. In such case just contact support, explane your problem. I think they can cancel one of transaction, but it depend lot of support guy or girl. Such thing happen to me too few months ago, but i decided to keep the ncoins for future content, so I was fine. Just be careful next time you buy it and make screenshots to proove it.
  4. You're right you pay for premium and you get certain bonuses for what you're paying, depending on level you can read what are those. Being premium doesnt mean getting something extra except of was offered for premium membership. Invest money into the game is choice of everyone and nobody force nobody to do that. Nobody force you to grind everything with all chars. Just play everyday differend class, so you enjoy every class and dont get bored. If people get everything they want without any effort it make the game even more soon bored than it is right now. You dont need to suf
  5. And what is the problem?? If you want to play invest your time and money to bring it on the same level as your main. So you help ncsoft to cover their cost for renting offices, server, personal, etc. Somehow should be the game financed or not?? If you go to a shop and say to the vendor " hey give me some peaches for free, because i have bought yesterday some apples" ... And the vendor say... " oh yeah here take some apples and melons, and pinaples and strawberry and take everything, finally you've bought yesterday some apples" .... :D
  6. playing 10 min properly is called mastering the class, because in bns arent any bosses that need more than 10 min to beat it. But the way to reach there could be very long. And video prove exactly that what will happen when people just per click change the class. Do you really think that both guys dont know what the both classes do? They know it, but coz they didnt played it, they didnt really know how efficient to use it. Exactly that is difference between just playing and good playing. You are comming to the point, of course there are players who leveled to 50/10 and still cant rea
  7. Ncsoft west is bonded to korean Ncsoft and following korean forums I doubt korean devs want buff wl in the next future to make it somehow usefull in pvp and even if they do it in next time, till ncsoft west include it in patch it take very long time. Small buffs are welcome like reduce sb/td cd but doesnt solve the actually wl pvp problem. However I'm out. Not only because wl feels so weak, but more because the game is getting bored, day for day same grind and it getting from time to time even worse.
  8. Thats not from my text, its how you decide it. You can see it as arresting = 4k ncoins take chips avay = 2k ncoins why not. But at the and players was harmed for ncsofts mistake.
  9. Those players didnt do anything wrong, they used possibility that was allowed. I admit it is not fair, but such behavior was allowed.
  10. Arresting means here punishment and blame and not ban. It was definetely the mistake of ncsoft, but they move it on players.
  11. I think you didnt got the point, but who cares. To explane it better, you buy some chips and eat it by watching a film. In 2 weeks such act is getting forbidden, you stop do it, but police still come and arrest you for doing it 2 weeks ago and say something " Isnt it obviously that chips and watching is a crime? ". And then everyone in your neighborhood laught about you. Exactly the same is happen here. Its not about punishment or excluding people from rewards its about how ncsoft solve own mistake on cost of others, thats all.
  12. I prefer to see people learning new class by playing it. Its already funy when some 50/10 write such newbys stuff about how to make this or that. And I can only think what will happen when ppl get possibility to change it per click. :) You're right its not hard to push wasd keys and lmb and rmb and I can do it even with close eyes, but would I reach anything? I'm pretty sure the answer would be no. The best confirmation is the streaming of spectacor mode 2 weeks ago. When I saw how both guys played prefered classes I said Wow, once they changed it I Rofl a lot. The dude pl
  13. At the end maybe right decision, but how ncsoft did it is definitely wrong. It was known and reported long before Jonathan and Beth streamed it and even by streaming it was asked if it normal or cheat, someone of ncsoft crew wrote its ok. Also they confirmed such act as common thing. People started to use it since it was normal and most easiest way to gain high score. Then ncsoft decide to stop it and made penalty. From that moment its not more normal and most of player stoped to do it, couse it would bring nothing. And Then at the end they would even punished and blamed. The only here who sho
  14. Its just one way that can happen, but many others can happen too. You change your class, try it to play, but notice its somehow difficult couse u dont know what kfm skills do, do always wrong combos , wrong rotation as result die in pvp constantly, do in pve low damage, ppl see your low damage in 4er dungeon kick you and calling you big noob. At that disapointment you leave the game, but before you do it you write a big flame thread in forum and blame ncsoft and everyone else. ^^
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