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  1. Server: Yura IGN: Vasilyna, Arazeli From what I recall, all the missing costumes seem to have been from Silvermoon Costume Crate and bought on "Vasilyna". I stored duplicates in storage on that character and mailed a few of them to "Arazeli" (which was put into wardrobe) which are missing as well.
  2. Character Name: Arazeli Server: Yura Description: An archer getting ready to shoot her arrow.
  3. People don't start queuing for 6v6 until around 7pm CST and it lasts until it closes at 1am CST
  4. Claim your pack from the website now, it'll go to your reward storage in game and you can grab it on any character you want without time limit. They hinted at possibly adding lyn archer later during stream, but that'll be a few months from now or longer if they do based on how they've released it for new classes in the past.
  5. 3, 1, 2, 1, 3 or 3, 1, 1, 1, 3 is what you want to use (some situations may be better for you to have the CC sanctum). The last talent at 3 allows you to spam more dragon helixes because it only consumes 1 spectral orb outside of SB instead of 3. This is why many warlocks no longer use TD when there are other SBs in party because it is a big dps loss for shadow warlock to not spec for talent 3. For your new rotation you could do Summon Thrall (tab) > C > SB (tab) > V > 2 > 3 > spam 4 and RMB. Since thrall takes a second to actually use SB after pressing tab, you'll be able to
  6. You talked to the dragon trader in Mushin's Tower named Junsorei? If it's not there they must have removed it already...but after tomorrow's update all badges will be expired again and need to be exchanged so you should be able to do it then.
  7. If you haven't already, send in a ticket explaining what happened. I'm sure they will give you your materials back or maybe even the item you were trying to craft if it was almost done.
  8. They contain a chance at cryptogram tokens which you can exchange for various items in dragon express along with charms/potions. Here's a video of someone opening their boxes if you want to see full item list.
  9. If you believe they are doing it maliciously, you can report them by sending in a ticket. You can also send in a ticket and tell them how you got locked out and they will probably send you a reset. They did this for me when I got locked out of an event dungeon for this reason.
  10. Uncheck the box above dungeon selection on the right that says "Join In-Progress". This will prevent you from joining parties that are recruiting from inside the dungeon and you won't have to worry about getting locked out.
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