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  1. Was just wondering if it still has any value after the HM skill books have been removed from the dragon trader... If so, where is the merchant for the tokens?
  2. They might be cheap for you but it breaks my neck. I have 43 total gold right now and a single one goes for anywhere between 50 and 60 gold last time I checked... I don't really want to wait for events just for a minor weapon upgrade either, there are so many stages more until I can finally start with raids and stuff. Stage 6 = long way to go till raven
  3. How to get raven though when I can't even get a party for Foundry to get the orbs :D
  4. I should actually start searching for one, indeed... I'm a Force Master Sorry to say but those people are not quite a minority and on top of that very very vocal. Of course simply ignoring the would be the best solution but it's really taking away the fun for me... I almost feel like my time and money I spent on this game are completely wasted Oath. If anyone would like to hit me up in game clan-wise or anything really I'm on Jinsoyun, character name "Minchan"
  5. Good Day! I am a kind of new but returning player (played since ncwest release, quit shortly after and came back recently) but basically a new character as I hit 50 on my FM. For a week or so I have been progressing my weapon, AP and soul shields, bought a master pack - all of that stuff, because I want to hit the end game as I always did in mmos. Up until Desolate Tomb everything was fine using F8 but now as my Weapon requires 3 Forging Orbs I obviously need to farm Nary Foundry but that's where I hit a wall. Not a skill wall, Not a pay wall, a community wall - In
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