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  1. seriously?

    wow, you're an idiot or a troll... or both
  2. Very Annoying.

    19 post and everyone is bitter, angry and useless. get the f u c k out if youre going to be so miserable.
  3. Croak kings court??

    well then try again later. i did it with 3 people yesterday so i understand its tough to get a party. youll just have to keep trying
  4. fish or dragon; who gives a *cricket*. my point still stands *cricket*
  5. Croak kings court??

    its not. anyway there should be a spire near the entry. use f to enter the party finder for that instance
  6. The one you summon by sacrificing the pig you tool
  7. It happens sometimes, I don't mean for it to but it does. I'm sorry. Let's move on.
  8. This is NOT true. I need a purple weapon drop by the dragon near Hog Hamlet to do my next upgrade. I need 3 keys for each chest to get the weapon and so far I have 5 swords, 1 lynblade, 2 staffs, 2 axes, 3 razors and a gauntlet; no dagger yet. That's 39 keys and counting! Get your facts straight before running off at the mouth.
  9. Wolfskin Costume

    did golden over 100 times; never got outfit. i gave up farming outfits because i never get any
  10. *cricket*ing complain about anything around here. who cares
  11. Daily Spin Is Totally Rigged!

    this is the only post that matters
  12. Daily Spin Is Totally Rigged!

    you'll make it to the end before the time runs out so who cares? im only get 2 a day and im almost done at 3 or less er spin
  13. Fix the queue times.

    This is awesome; more premium user waiting than non. They suckered tons of people into premium for shorter waits and so many bought into it that the line for premium keeps growing. In a few weeks maybe it wont matter when the hype dies down and people move on to other games or their old favorite.
  14. He wanted to give his thoughts on the game. Nothing wrong with that. I'm not saying I agree but why make a deal of it. It fair to give a critical review of the game if it helps the game maker understand where they can improve it. If more people are honest about where they see issues this only helps. That dosnt mean this person is correct or that any of these things should be altered but hes definitely allowed to have an opinion. You dont have to agree with it but he has a right to share it.