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  1. Blade and Clipping

    There are a few other game examples where if the hair would clip with the outfit they'd modify the hair to work with the equipment design.
  2. Oh for the love of shit, UPDATE ALREADY!

    Starting a complete new game instead of porting this one over to a new engine will be a lot less hassle. But this is not gonna happen to be honest. The original creator still has Korea as its main audience and there is still a very large portion of people who play from internet cafes and those pc are probably not top of the line meaning porting to a new engine will do not much except costing them money.

    All I can say is sure why not.
  4. GPU usage drops in crowded areas?

    In multiplayer games as well in mmorpgs other player characters are always handled by the cpu. So the more players on your screen the more it has to work handling what the other players are doing (attacking moving around etc.). So it has less available resources to send the information the GPU wants resulting in lower GPU usage.
  5. Seriously? Its only natural that after 1-3 weeks the playerbase shrinks of a new mmo. Thats why almost everybody and their mother who has any mmo experience told people at the start just wait a bit the queues will die down. Not only because players will leave because they dislike the game but also because NCSOFT will most likely a)add new server and b) increase server capacity. But not matter what people said it was always "Nooo this game sucks all queue no play worst game... "insert any other mmo" was perfect at start no problems why you no like that one". Now that we have less server crashes and and no queues during prime time that also isn't good enough. There is no pleasing some people.
  6. So why play blade dancer over other classes?

    The game must be balanced really well, because it always one class complaining about another.
  7. Hiding Processes is Wrong

    Same here I am on win7. Ever since headstart I could see the client instantly in my task manager.
  8. Reward us for reporting bots?

    What about the reward of having less bots ingame? :D
  9. These cinematics man

    I still enjoy the cutscenes even if what you say is pretty true. Sadly this counts for almost all narrative mmos where your character is included in the cutscenes. Since most of the character interactions at least for the main characters are unique animations to those cutscenes. It would be really a lot of work to give the player character any meaningful interaction in those, because this would mean having to choreograph fight scenes for each individual class. Here also comes a disconnect between two narratives: First the gameplay narrative and second the story narrative. During gameplay you slay thousands of enemies and are generally referred to as the hero of the story (in this game not from the start at least :P) but inside those story cutscenes you character always seems kinda disconnected of what is happening and making him/her more look like someone who just stumbled into this without the prior experience he/she has gained during the gameplay elements.
  10. To be honest its really a surprise that they don't have it. I thought the character alteration voucher would allow you to change to a different race/gender as long as your class supports it. Guess I was wrong.
  11. CHOOSING GOOD VS BAD Upcoming Quest

    That choice doesn't exist anymore. The story will only go 1 way. So no worries about being split from your guild.
  12. [Guide] Mastering Lyn Bladedancer by Think

    People here are talking about blade dancers.
  13. new patch ?

    The timing for the lvl 50 patch is not yet announced. On the 10th of February the lvl cap will still be 45 but we get the ability to gain 5 hongmoon levels, which don't increase your actual level but give you additional skill points to spend in your skill tree.
  14. Translation Concerns

    In terms of name changes I think they are faithful to the Korean (Original version) of the game. Only in Japan some of the names were changed. This info might be wrong but that is what I heard.
  15. so forcce masters and the ugly bangles

    Probability says no. (Personally I like them)