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  1. Please read

    Thank you for your hard work regarding the latest patch. i have few things to address that i hope you consider changing back to. - Lucent Promises Treasure Chests in every dungeon. (the previous version) - Elder Dragon Chests So once Feline Frisky Box Meow expires, can you put them back in game?
  2. Because of the new changes that were made recently on the dragon express regarding new requirements to buy Legendary Jewel/Elements, the prices of soulstones has gone high and it takes time to transmute. and the other option which cost even more is just buying profane awaken stone for 3000g.. Anyway please add the previous way to purchase the Legendary Jewels/Elements back in the dragon express.. thank you for reading.
  3. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    what is it? im confused
  4. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    People are literally raging on the rage of the hive queen's patch. Perfect name! :D
  5. UAE players blocked again !?

    It's on Etisalat's fault. not NCSoft. Because all NCsoft's game are not working at least for me at this moment. So call Etisalat, and have them ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed.
  6. Login Failed (42)

    I even restarted my microwave!
  7. Login Failed (42)

    Hello, i wonder if anyone else is having an error when logging in to the game.
  8. Its happening for the past 3~5 days, every evening the servers response becomes slow...
  9. Merry Christmas Everyone !!!!

    Merry Christmas!
  10. Login server down? EU

    Hello,We appreciate your patience while we investigated the cause of this.After fully investigating this issue we have found that it is specific to your ISP Emirates Telecommunications Corporation and not caused by our game blocking the UAE region from access. We can only suggest that you personally contact your provider's support and provide them with the same troubleshooting information that you have provided to us. They should be able to provide you with additional information regarding this issue. Below are links for their support site: should also provide them with the ports needed to play Blade and Soul so that they can make sure they are not blocking any of the required ports. For your reference, I have provided the ports needed to play Blade and Soul below:66002106102411210010900101001190061430614312750080443Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding. Also check this, I really hope its gonna be completely fixed by tomorrow
  11. Login server down? EU

    I don't know, keep trying i dont want to logoff to try now :s lemme see if i can get into the game and i will post a SS Maybe it will be completely fixed by tomorrow, i really hope
  12. Login server down? EU

    Nope. Try to power off/on yr routers and lemme know
  13. Login server down? EU

    I was able to login to the launcher, updating now!!! Does it work for you guys as well?