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  1. Thank you for your hard work regarding the latest patch. i have few things to address that i hope you consider changing back to. - Lucent Promises Treasure Chests in every dungeon. (the previous version) - Elder Dragon Chests So once Feline Frisky Box Meow expires, can you put them back in game?
  2. Because of the new changes that were made recently on the dragon express regarding new requirements to buy Legendary Jewel/Elements, the prices of soulstones has gone high and it takes time to transmute. and the other option which cost even more is just buying profane awaken stone for 3000g.. Anyway please add the previous way to purchase the Legendary Jewels/Elements back in the dragon express.. thank you for reading.
  3. People are literally raging on the rage of the hive queen's patch. Perfect name! :D
  4. Thanks a lot for the quick response! It's always nice to learn new things! Thanks again! =)
  5. Nice outfit and beautiful character! what software did you use to make your character look better in screenshots?
  6. Another 4k Screenshots! Right-Click the image, Copy image link and view them at full glory!
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