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  1. i had a guildie with actual suicidal thoughts because of soulstones planes. think of what you're doing..

    before the merge, i could barelly get chest from boar.

    after the merge, that chest is a myth unless u play a class that can burst DPS IN LESS THAN 5 seconds cuz thats how much bosses stay alive.

    SSP is literally pushing people out of the game for not being competetitive enough or for not playing the right class.


    I advertised this game for 5 years to aloot of people. from all of them, only 1 still plays the game.

    When i played in blade and soul china, i literally fell in love with this game. the burden didnt feel that high(well..i played from lvl36 to blackwrym introduction in china, if i played more..i might have a different opinion about that too) but compared to my experience in china, this is just a dirtied, bleak and awful experience of what it could of have been..


  2.       Hello,


    Cerulean guild Spam is looking for friendly and active players of all levels and playstyles( casuals/semi-pro's/pve/pvp).

    Our main goal is to do endgame stuff together and have fun. there is no plan for ts3 or anything like that...yet



    if you meet the following requirements:

    1. you are an easy going/sociable/friendly person.

    2. you know how to type and write in english language.

    3. you can play a few hours every day/week.

    4. you wanna make new friends in this wonderful(most of the times) game?

     then Spam is for you!


    so if you're looking for a chill guild, PM me here or ingame for more details.



     Ingame names:Starfall crater server