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  1. Destroyer needs revamp

    your face needs revamp HA! Just kidding (admins i said im kidding) No really, post about op destros again? You just need to learn how to play your class m8 and you will be able to smack those kebabs from destro arse
  2. Two Factor Authentication?

    I think its always good to have additional safety, but in 13 years of gaming, i had never been hacked maybe im just lucky..
  3. Destroyer PvE/P concerns

    im Destro my self, but my dmg is just fine, i can solo instances where you need atleast 3 people and when you get inside there is notification that instance is not suitable for me alone... You need better build for your destro I recommend you this Let me know if you will try it and how it went
  4. Yeah you should ask in forums, id never knew that they will help you with in game questions :D

    This OP reminds me a cs go match, when an enemy player said that my awp is op, and usp-s one shot in the head when you are with no helmet is op.
  6. Help Me Please!

    I dont think there is anyone who can help you, only solution would be to delete your character with your name and create a new one
  7. How to kill the bots.

    Unless he has 100 arms or some sort of clicker that act's on all characters
  8. How to kill the bots.

    I've seen like 20-30 destroyers with (premium icon) running in one perfect line and spin-killing one mob at the time
  9. I would like Spear/Sword and board character as i usualy only play as tank, here i had to go with destroyer, not really my type of game
  10. Opinions on eye color?

    try black eyes with red pupills
  11. You ma?

    I feel you :D i laughed when i did first teleportation and i heard my character saying YOU MAD? :D
  12. how do these websites even sell gold?

    Nope, there is tons of bots who farm mobs, who works on auction house etc. that way they gather gold.
  13. Lvl Cap

    Yea on February 10th there will be an update with more content and 5 more levels
  14. WTFast cause account to be banned?

    What someone from NCsoft said in similar post was, they dont ban manualy people who use WTFast, its the anti cheat system which picks you up. In my case, i didnt use any 3rd party program and yet my account was locked for 2 days.