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  1. New class Soul Fighter...?

    That's level 50? The dps seems really mediocre... unless the gear is just bad.
  2. 19 games in a row (yeah, I counted...), I fought Destoyers non-stop. I haven't done Arena PvP for a while, and this is what I come back to. I'd say a good 10 of these matches were bots, but some of them were clearly not. I can predict what a bot will do 99% of the time, so it's easy to distinguish between them and real players. So I ask, what's with all this Destoyer hype? Are they really just that easy a class to play? Where are all the other classes >.>
  3. Seriously, I'm sick and tired of seeing this response to literally every little complaint ANYONE makes on these forums. I don't care if this game is free to play or whatever; it's a business, and every single business practice receives complaints. If known issues are not fixed in a reasonable time frame, players deserve the right to be frustrated and vent their opinions somewhere. So, the next time you think about saying this nonsense to someone making a complaint, just don't. You'll only make yourself look like a fool.
  4. The patch notes are amazingly vague and ambiguous about which ones we can currently obtain, and how we can obtain them. I did some research, and it seems some can be obtained in 4-man Bloodshade Habour and one more can be obtained from the Royal Zen Bean. So which ones are we actually getting? If anyone has a complete detailed list of every class's Hongmoon skills, that would help a lot.
  5. Alright, I'm getting a pretty good idea of what most people are thinking. So to sum up, the class difficulty tiers would look something like: Hardest: Kungfu Master, Blade Master Intermediate: Force Master, Assassin, Blade Dancer Easiest: Destroyer, Summoner Obviously with something like this, there are going to be a lot of grey areas because class advantage is always a thing. And if there's still any confusion, yes, my initial post was ordered from hardest to easiest.
  6. Let's just say ping isn't an issue. I guess can I rephrase my original post this way: Rate the classes in terms of how long it would take to master at a competitive level.
  7. Just wondering how you guys feel about the PvP learning curves for each of the classes? I understand that you'd have to have played all 7 classes so far to at least a decent level, but feel free to speculate if you haven't. Note that this should not be a list on which classes are the best overall, but rather which classes are the easiest/hardest to master at a competitive level. I have not played all the classes yet, but I'll start with what I think the list should look like based on my experience with facing them in the arena, from the highest to lowest learning curve. This is based on my speculation only: 1. Blademaster 2. Kungfu Master 3. Blade Dancer 4. Assassin 5. Summoner 6. Destroyer 7. Force Master
  8. Plz god no more... my ears can't take it

    I'm gonna take this opportunity to point out that besides Poharan, the only female in the E-Fleet is in the kitchen.
  9. We all have to learn the RNG lesson eventually.
  10. Not sure if anyone said this yet, but every case of bad RNG is actually perfectly reasonable. With over a million people playing this game (a good percentage are botters/spammers, but just for argument sake), I have no doubt that there are equally many people who had amazing luck as those who had terrible luck, as well as every case in between. Those who were lucky with their boxes usually don't think twice about it, but those who open 30/40/50+ boxes can easily become frustrated enough to vent on the forums. You see this kind of stuff with every RNG-related game mechanic in MMOs. That said, I don't know if the RNG is rigged against your class. NC will never release their stats. People just need to not get all worked up when things like bad RNG happens, because they inevitably will.
  11. Best solo dung character

    I've done it on my assassin. It's time consuming and hurts my fingers, but it's possible. I'd imagine summoners can do it pretty well.
  12. Mail on Same account, "Character Not Found"

    That's not the point though. Some of us simply cannot receive any mail, paying users or not. For example, when anyone tries to send to my character (who has a pretty simple name) and triple check the spelling, they get the message "This character does not exist." Not having an account bank is one thing, not being able to transfer items alone at all is just frustrating.
  13. Mail on Same account, "Character Not Found"

    Gonna bump this topic because my character is being affected. It's pretty annoying not being able to receive any mail...
  14. Skill effects. Seriously, why isn't there an option to turn these off? I wouldn't be so bothered if enemies' effects look exactly the same as FM's effects. Also when there're more than 3 people attacking in the same area, everything just looks and sounds awful. It really doesn't matter what our team mates are doing, so why do we have to hear and see everything they do? Setting skill effects to minimum and using ctrl+F helps a little, but it's still just annoying. I hate having to compare this game to Aion all the time, but that game has this option, so why doesn't B&S?