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  1. Yeah the rendermax premade characters are the best looking.
  2. Yeah ... if you check older korean or china Mushin tower 7th floor boss have the same hp that we have now on NA/EU
  3. Im going to assume that you are new to mmo so im not going to say that youre being silly but in mmo when new end game content is released the old end game is always ajusted to be more easier because its no longer end game and most of the time the drops is now out dated. The video you are posting is mushin tower with 8+ floors so since floor 7 isnt the last one anymore they ajusted the difficulty. Its the same as blackwyrm ... In korea bw is no longer the it boss so its less popular so hp is reduced to 14m hp. 7th floor right now has same stats as when it came out in korea 4 years ago
  4. There is no p2w in this game .... pay to win what ? pvp ? pvp is entirely optional and in arena your gear doesnt affect your stats ... you can be lvl 15 or lvl 100 you will still both hit as hard the only difference is how many skills you will have unlocked .
  5. TLDR I don't see what's shady in their business -_- the game is 100% free you are not forced to buy anything on the BnS Store to get anything more in the game ..... Also some of the outfits on the hongmoon store are already available through the game so if you're not willing to spend the time in game of spend the money to get it then you have no room to complain . As per the account wide skin .... idk any game that has account wide skin ... its part of a free to play business , if you put it account wide then after buying it you have no chance of buying it again which makes it smar
  6. As per the program I listed (Fastaping Rebirth) its 100% safe to use because it only tweaks things for your internet conection and its 100% free . Its very similar to leatrix for people who are familiar to it and for people who are not it simply change value in the registry so that you get a smoother internet conection while playing any online game . As for the Latency programs , this is how it works .It specializes in routing and optimizing real-time online game traffic only! Your internet service provider (ISP) determines how data travels from your computer to a server ISPs route
  7. You clearly need a brain surgery big boy ... they said they do not support it because its not their program . And you should learn a little about network routing before you say its a hack .
  8. I use a program that tweaks your computer for a better connection in any games but its korean but very easy to use. http://www.bycpp.net/attachment/cfile3.uf@262DAA485564255D2BEE70.exe Download this (it doesnt require instalation) just open and it will show you a On Off Button. Make sure the top left circle is checked (its above the ON button) then press ON it will disconect internet card and reconect it. Just use this program everytime your reboot pc. If you have question I can answer them or you can add me to skype if you want my ID is Andrew.cho25
  9. TLDR: They havent banned people for it but some people are being locked and I had the same problem I was getting the "Your account has been locked because of suspicious activity" . I sent a ticket to support and they restored my account .
  10. BTW I use Wtfast beta and use the manual server selection and it still makes the client crash .
  11. Im just going to go ahead and quote the guy k ? "It's called North American servers for a reason. It's not called International servers.""Lately these people have been badgering many games that intentionally releases in a certain region, to open up to them, claiming they bring more profits and such.""They nag you to let them play, then they nag you that things are too expensive, then they nag you that there are too many bad apples (some of them are mixed in them). " when you refer to certain people as "They" and "They" are only people of a certain ethny then yes its racist because
  12. You clearly need to revise your knowledge about the word racist because pointing out someone who is being racist doesnt make you racist . Also if you're judging people based on their origin its called racist . As per your comment on Wtfast .... their fix isnt going to do anything because its a problem with Gameguard closing the game when it detects a program reading the games memory .
  13. What you just said is wrong on so many levels First of all yes this is NA server and I am from NA but I still like to use VPN services to lower my ping and I shouldnt be held responsible for using such program because of the decision making in the server location . Second of all , this might be NA server but there is a reason NCsoft are not restricting it to NA region only because its more profitable to let other region play their game rather than opening other servers in latin america for exemple. And to finish , its people like you who bring bad elements t
  14. My account was locked because of Wtfast I beleive so I had to send a ticket to get it fix and they told me that its at my own risk to use Wtfast or any VPN services . They will not ban you for using it that is 100% sure. But they can't elaborate what "We do not support it" means and I think its because for exemple (you use a program like wtfast and the developer of wtfast is a scammer who steals information and hacks your account and gets you banned) That's what they mean I beleive when they say they do not support it . Since they are not partner with VPN services they can't take responsabilit
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