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  1. Jung isn't even hard >__> I have beaten him 3 times now on my sin using a true profane 10. The fight is more so about you knowing how to play your own class. I love this fight and I hope it's never dumbed down because there are a handful of bad players who can't beat him, they can try again at the 50 update when they have higher stats to compensate mean while those of us who beat him now, will be beating the higher levels. You should be rewarded for having more skill in the game, no hand outs, this isn't blizzard.
  2. What the hell are you talking about?
  3. This is really a non issue considering as soon as you hit 45 you can make 15+ gold a day with very little effort even with the price right now set at near 6 gold that is really nothing.. Considering you won't be leveling your weapon up crazy fast, by the time you need more of them you should now be at like 80 gold ect.ect. Then by then you are smart enough to know how to make more money using the market and what not. I started out only making 6-7 gold a day now I make about 60 gold a day and have over 800 currently and i'm still rocking a true profane 10 lol. I only play 3-4 hours a day too. (
  4. Is nobody else going to point out that if you didn't know you couldn't use mushin, then it's his fault 100% to begin with. Every single player is told this very blatantly and with very readily available info. Remember the terms of service most people do not read and blindly click accept to... :)
  5. No. Dps meters bring out toxicity.
  6. Phew! Don't worry guys it looks like the community dodged a bullet if this guy is leaving for good. We don't need anymore cancerous players there are enough of them already.
  7. During my que I have juuust enough time to breath in a single breath of air and maybe stretch my arms then I'm playing in Jiwan.
  8. Yeah that is correct. Though, it very plainly explains that to you when you hover your mouse over it. Same goes for the stinger set with its tail. And many others.
  9. That's not how you buy premium that is simply a one time purchase only starter bundle. Same goes for the other bundles they are buy once only. If you are trying to buy premium you need to buy it a month at a time or yearly.
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