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  1. Maintenence time?

    Ah, ok thank you.
  2. So I just started playing again after a long time of break. And I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much time normally maintenence takes to finish?
  3. Gold Spam STILL Flooding Chat

    First day Blade&Soul came out i realized the Gold Seller spam, since the first second i saw that i created a new Chat Tab that have no Region no Faction. Only Party Clan and the Normal. Never i talked in Region or Faction cause honestly it's just annoying. Also i liked that idea of the energy system they should really think about that.
  4. NCoins+Premium via Paysafe Card

    Thank you kind sir. Honestly when i saw the "Other" option by myself i clicked it and it was asking me alot of adress questions and i was confused so i didnt went trought it. But after i saw what they said on the link you shared, i did it and there was the Paysafe Card. Again thanks.
  5. NCoins+Premium via Paysafe Card

    Also i'm not the one that have to adapt to their methods if they want to make profit with the game they're the ones that need to adapt to us the players.
  6. NCoins+Premium via Paysafe Card

    I'm facing the same problem. Bought a PaySafeCard got back home, went to buy Ncoin, and there's only 2 options! This is a serious problem. They have to enable PaySafeCard payment or else they're losing my money and probably alot of other players money as well.
  7. Free Goodies for downtime

    Wait are we're in 2016? Wth just happened?
  8. Free Goodies for downtime

    You realize this is a Closed Beta not the final game. This is a test server. All what you're doing here after the Beta ends will all be deleted. When the final game starts you will have to start over from the begining, did you not know about this?
  9. Free Goodies for downtime

    Also guys keep in mind that they were not expecting the servers to be this overcrowded like they are. Give it a break and understand.
  10. Free Goodies for downtime

    I mean i understand it's a mess, but why would you want any goodies for a Beta? It will all be deleted when the beta ends so its not really a big deal.