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  1. Since general suggestion gone here. Guess I put this on PVE dangeons category instead. Some of long list mixed suggestion below was even added in reddit mix below some abit similar. And some my own but in end just help community along the way in F8 biggest bottleneck from player community! So please read everything carefully NCSOFT since it is important to understand the factor on these issue. But many of them does make sense! 1. " The most biggest bottleneck on F8 dangeon is the toxic AP req people asking 1.1k (these people most of them really not real player just insider to spread toxic AP req and want other higher AP to then do samething as push for manipulation) even thought it is really even possible to even clear decent dangeon even with 950ap with bt gear and ss. But this is not something that will help. Because like the rest it becomes like this. And even quality of content is good the system that brings with is still have bottleneck that effect the community itself. Game and community goes hand in hand. Both need to be balanced and try not make other one suffer. In BNS CN long ago did add some guide system for dangeon mech least normal mode to directly link and check video for it so as story quest. It got removed then thinking it became to easy. But here is a suggestion. In youtube there already so many good guide that just waiting for people get viewed specially for those who are new and doesnt even know they exist out there as guide. We still know already that HM will still always be challange now. But for normal on other just to make it fun for everyone it should be welcome even for new ones. Just if they can do decent learning curve on that dangeon. It also saves the time for people getting bashed because they new or bad at mechanics. By simply adding in P menu maybe a little guide line can do alot on normal. And that person even is his whale or new cannot be 100% clueless give excuses that they dont know mech. You can clearly find it easily at P menu linking to popular youtube community guide. For example you press: P -->Boss guides youtube link already exist. For maybe connection issue reason you cant click on link directly. You can see link if ctrl+c or button copy link doesnt exist, you can still see full url link for that boss guide and write it manually notepad then copy browser to just see the guide. Or if not in dangeons, since you dont want waste people time while you check video, you can go F12 as solo and community menu for boss guides there is list of to copy and view youtube in peace. Just simple guide line like this you ensentives how important mechanics also is in the game. And you even provided finished link(from youtube community) for people to go view and study it before attempting it on pratical. Any person that already playing game know that guide exist for these bosses and you cant come into party with lazy excuse you couldnt find one on youtube etc. When there is youtube link from community poiting you helping hand least for normal mode. But maybe could least do this for dangeon Den - NS even to Sandstorm, other easier dangeon below may not be needed. Ncsoft maybe have reason for not implementing copy+paste aviod spam etc so even if you need manually link guide P menu dangeon link there already is provided to visit and URL can be manually copied then use browser to check it. This would be good Because alot of people that starting to get near higher up dangeon maybe not afraid because they lack AP to join, but maybe because the lack of mechanics and corridnation too. That what push AP up too sometime just for no reason even though you know that you could clear it with lower. But it just how community or insider does it. This needs to change. If people hover cursor on F8 dangeons NCSOFT should also put an AP recommened suggesion near Normal mode(like DT 750-900 or fix 850 this must reflect true counting only Sacred Lang SS up to NS normal then later BT SS recommend+aps next boss descprip) and Hard Mode, just like the AP tree you see on P menu as you go up list AP also shows on hard mode same dangeon. But since you havent put this on F8 dangeon discription people will ignore and decide their own making it toxic. But if you put it in there liek BIG FAT NUMBER hovering cursor on that dangeon like DT normal AP rec: 800AP(some can even clear lower correct party bb+wl etc), Hard: 950+ or so. And thats it. If people then try to ask for 1.1k+ (be it if you get kick or not after). You can just then just say: "It says 800ap+SS langu, on DT F8 hover mouse... then it reflect to that. And cant be dumbfounded by why even overratedly ask 1.1k+? If Big FAT AP numbers also added in F8 with AP then discussion end there. Be it if some say we want +100more ap to clear it fast or know mechanics. It is still fact on discreption for a meaning of AP that you dont need more AP than that like 800ap DT is enough plus 1-2mech also is normal so some mech can iframed with min chance for wiping! Then no one could argue because both P menu and F8 menu shows same thing and is hard to ignore if the fact is there! So put all AP recommendation on P menu next to bosses list on F8 both hardmode and normal before you team up!" 2. "I know you just trying to provide new great content and even events latetly good which isnt something wrong or bad at all. I know sales and stuff also comes in hand with this no problem there. But how can game keeps it popularity to bring new fresh player if this things keep getting inflated in F8. Even trying to just do fast normal mode daily run or so makes people frustrated because overrated AP requirments. Its something that really in need to be solve for big reason! Except for the ingame bugs, 6v6 crash etc and such trying to solve tech ingame. One of the biggest bottleneck lies inside the building community as well. Even though there nice people ingame trying to help others. They cant help everyone and they also need to do their daily and gameplay limited time to enjoy sometimes. So its understandble. Overall because alot of people that starting to get near higher up dangeon maybe not afraid because they lack AP to join a party, but maybe because the lack of mechanics and corridnation you get into bad party. That what push AP. Even though high AP enough it still happens time to time people your going someone lacking knowledge to do those dangeons. Yes you bought your way up. But now what? You still need to do the dangeons mechanics. Or mid tier player know mech but overrated AP get them kicked out. Another thing is people cant prepare themselves for something they dont know, new or clueless about or just getting kicked because they dont have that "AP". So it comes down to mechanics bottleneck and try push overrated AP at F8 becomes to much and toxic. It is always like this in f8 nowdays. And people even get into fights just to try adding parties some get kicked ho fun you think if these things happens dialy in F8. When what comes to be fun and normal daily run becomes toxic situation because of AP req since you can even see you pushed some of daily higher end dangeon like SSM, IF or Elair which was even 1k+ nowdays some even ask 1.2k+ which is only normal mode right. And hopefully you havent ninja buffed these bosses(even if you made mech easier) after each patch but they are as weak as all normal mode before when 1k+ was asked in F8. Thus in event with just 2-3ppl know mech enough to clear it even if some are just few soul+ravens+1aransu user bring along maybe 1-2 newbie/beaf12 users to test dangeons out from random party. So dps stance as slong as there 4ppl raven+soul user do bosses even if 80-90% left their dps should still be able to carry 2ppl lying dead in normal mode in that 4player+dps rate ratio. And if 1-2 ppl die the rest can still make it before enrage like in NS, EL, IF, HH, DD!It should least be that generious in that normal mode. Hard mode up to ransak exampe total 120k-150k/s +mech. Sandstorm HM should be mech+140k-180k min in 6total per players dps. That is how it should realisticly be on NA-EU today: This is dangeons run which everyone welcomming even hardmode if you know 100% mech stuff. On raid ofcourse like TT boss 1-2 200k-300k then 3-4 r9-aran3aweak soul 300k-400k+ in sustainble dps should be enuff which ofcouse dips inaccurate during mechanics or lag+ingame factors but must be 100% clear, no early enrage manipulation-dps value on server side! Trying push daily for higher end dangeon is useless if people dont have those gear or know how on dangeon 3 daily, so its good you have some flexibality that can clear on low end effort side too for newbies. Some people dont want get stuck there and want try higher end too. So important since this grows day by day and patch after patches too pushing people further away if they cant reach it. So having some of those solutions above of form of perm solution to this would be nice." 3. " You know who really started the toxic 1.1k+ or even earlier? That to doubt Insider aka so called goldseller. They doing this to manipulate that your weak person and thus u need to buy your way up or else no one will join your party to do in f8. Also because of this and other people new getting effected and ofcourse bashed because they dont know mechanics and are to weak as well. But how can they start something or train for something(even if guide existed after) if they cant even enter than dangeon because of the weak gear or AP. And people asking alot in F8 knowing fully that even set of 950 or as long as u going 50k-80kdps on normal mode up to NS- Eb.lair is all that you need even at that point. So in the end it is the toxicty of the overrated AP than mechanics importance. So if guide(boss guide) link did exist for people to be able to directly check on ingame least for normal modes. And from there if they got used on normal mode, it ju becomes 1-2step more for hard mode. Like for example there 2-3more mech part instead of 1, some part cant be iframed and if you miss that part it becomes WIPE. No iframe this time or floor indicator this time. But since there is still some similarity to normal mode they become abit more at ease to attemp the challenge. This would remove the huge bottleneck in F8. The high AP requirment should least subside since 100% clearly there is link to boss mech ingame for people view directly from the community. And thus everyone cannot be stupid enough to not know mech or press P menu and read it to the link. Even if your just doing normal mode it wouldnt req the 1.1k+ toxity. Why im saying this? Because even if u did add some kind guide links for normal dangeons bosses. You still see people F8 still asking for 1.1k VT gear. But because of guide link provided by ingame community like Eckogen youtube channel it would make people much more cormtable it exist link ingame and no one can give any excuse to not least read or found mech guide since there already exist link ingame and there is already finished guide from people like eckogen (or just put ingame message guide P/F12: Youtube check Eckogens channel boss guides he explain good). Least maybe up to least Hollow or DD. And even if you did add link guide only up to DesTomb only. Because people already know about Eckogen channel linking them to get there. They can even see other bosses like DD SSMines etc for later on making them smarter and realy along the way! Must admit there is truth to this. Its all fun and game til you reach bosses. Now even though some dont tilt and try find solution. Other dont have time or just want leave after 1-2 fails leaving you there wasted in time. And you cannot have fun to play a game if its always like this. That one of reason why pushes people to ask for 1.1k+ AP or more become even more toxic! By taking 1 step up a notch ncsoft and providing a community link boss/guide ingame should least make things fresh and brings even random or new people no excuse to not be able to do mech least normal modes, it wouldnt do harm other stuff otherwise since u still need tackle hard modes later. OR somewhere along those line to insentivse people arent stupid if some mech-guide-community link already exist ingame. " 4." Overhoul on friendlist. Why not make abit more flexible, that doesnt always in need to be joined within clans? More like where you could if you want put people you have as friend on tab Raidlist or Dangeons list or verse versa. Reason this is just have F4 full friendlist is kinda hard to find people to sort and find those you joined before dangeon or raids. And if you where happy and feelt was great about those player you did random raid with or dangeons...they be put on favorite raid+dangeon list to sort from common friendlist too. You can also have fast filter check on list that if you need maybe tanks it show people who BM or KFM. Or buffers like WL or sins/bbuff. In the end it just a way for people to be able organize their friendlist so you dont always run into random toxic may appear F8 if those people are online on list. You can just call PM and ask if they want to do dang or raids because it easy to sort by checking different Tab. Or once you added them in friendlist, you can move them to Raid or dangeon Tab or pvp etc. as become stronger ingame you can still depend on the list. This also minimize problem and bottlenecks for people F8 if you feel no use to upgrade and only end up getting booted even though your exp. But those people you run into joined and worked together wont be lost since you added them as friend and sort them as dangeon teams." The suggestions is added. And yours ncsoft final say. But do check ncsoft and which of idea does have great point on them. And thanks all for reading some of these peoples suggestions! You can even check more of the thoughts from other people one of great thread which has kinda sense to it. OP made vid for his message. old.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/98m9pe/blade_soul_western_community_a_thank_you_can_go_a/
  2. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    Not that you dont already look beautiful already. This stream when you had your hair down. You looked really gorgeous! Other than patch event good job to least give us all flexible path for both gear and event. Do know that over half what you trying bring joy and happinnes to player and community while rest dev has final say on that matter and well as conc to eco issue. Even with that thanks for great stream and hard work you put into as well as amazing voice actors. Looking forward to 20 june. And please again after each patch their might always be some issue but hopefully u notice alot of stuff to be fixed on release that we currently have! And in end please keep your server in check even after patch so dont need interrupt with another maint again like t happen this week!
  3. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    Dear NCW team. There seems to be some aransu badge bugg om BM lunar slash(doesnt proc sometimes) after latest patch when used. There should never be any CD or non proc bugg, on badge proc be it if lunar slash reset from weapon, badge or skill CD, it should be activated and applied directly with added dmg+icon proc display asap when lunar slash pressed! Check even www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeflRi1LQFE 2:07:35 (hear after few second here) person mention it been happening for while now it doesnt proc when pressing lunar slash..wtf happened? Carefully look into it as people get effected! Dont get even why you not even able discover these before releasing new patch! Its like you dont want people to notice it? When its clear as a day! Also someone commented thsi on latest youtube trailer which is kinda truth. "Seriously...you really need to start buff weapons as intended to be specially on raven 6-9(in some patch now KR dev letter they did say they added more buf for weap even months ago but on out patch now doesnt seems to be so how come?) and aransu 1-3 to 4-9, or even bit more buff than the kr as we dont have same server ctrl like them to pull more so we must be compensated for more buffs. Bns EU/NA is an international based game for players(yes even for player that does plays even bit far to NA with about 200ms+ And letancy issue should not be any concern now on robust internet era. Also if you this video as an example at end of video(at end when he tried out his parse). www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceXEghyhlc0 (combo this since youtube link bugg) Kero just got his aransu 3 and did a f12 parse..now normaly on his gear he should easily be gotten 300k-350k+ dps sustain...But he barely getting over 198k-200k or so. How do you expect him to do TT raid boss 1...if people mention rumor least 300k+ sustain. Kero is very kind bns supportet and even easy going making great contribution to bns community + clan. I just feel like he missing out on his true dps potential. There also comment that adressed the issue about dps for sum or wl has distant delay cast on them as well. And KR dev did intend(or already did?) to fix so when it cast dmg so dmg can be applied asap instead wasting distant travel before it hits. Just like if u stand 1m from boss a range WL sum etc can still get eminent dmg as they would be on close range. To make it par 0 distant delay issue for range lost dps/sec rate. So please check it out please. SK boss still does Kback/cc during it spin which still contradics when it should only add dmg while char still on same spot dps. And no CC or push back effect even if it says resist should be applied. Be it if u use sanctum anti buff or not...(patchs note says there should be no form of cc effect, so why pushback effect?). With UE4 comming and some stuff crash, is always alot of things that can be improved in game. But these things are one of things that shines atm.
  4. Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep Item Change Preview

    Hi i think your really need to look into our dps example parse LAB compared now vs like half year ago. Why do you rigg dps meter to look lower now? IS it really suppose to be this like this? Dps meter part of mech of other skill and things that push example pull and dps sustain on dangeons and raids. You think is really so easy for as tnk+pressure to do well on raid+dangeons. Even if mats cheaper now it shouldnt even effect our main dps parse regardless in ANY TIME! Each patch come you like sneakenly chance something and think we wouldnt notice it. Go to your test LAB and compare for yourself! At end it video you can see what gear Saber is using! So go ahead! Truth to be told must aggre with this. Just like some friends posted on your Facebook: Erik N: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V56ZXgfkhYY Compare this few months ago as example for BM dps. I want you to check this parse an an example and tell me why our dps suddenly becomes so low??? He even used riftwalk 6 here and 5 corner gems with only asc soul and Bt8 gear, no VT badge only skyrift badge. In this video it shows dps reaching always 200k+ even with riftwalk(same for raven). Now days the parse testing seems to be able reach around 134k-150k only. WTF? Has nothing to do with crit since the stat is back same even after lvl55. So have you RIGGED our dps meter so it shows lower dps now? Sneaky that we wouldnt notice? Niklas K: Yes to aviod messing with our parse/dps. There will always be video that will show the past dps to compare to current patch so nothing is rigged! I agree that our parse dps seems to become abit lower sams m etc which shouldnt effect our dps even at F12. Ncsoft check of her video like raven pulse video etc there and compare for yourself on current patch test LAB. And stop rigging our dps to think we wouldnt notice it.
  5. Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep Item Change Preview

    As you listen to your community. Would you mind also making skybreak/BT which raid stage locked instead of raid leader locked? Like it was long time ago? Because this has been going on for so long and only bottle neck for people trying to clear final raven boss is getting bound to raid leader lock. I mean there some who like to go stage 1-3 up mixed with random people then take pause and may try to do final raven raid in rest of the week with other random people who can accomodate after rest they got. AS well this give alot of people who only cleared 1-3 most of time and now new energy to try to do 4 would be more inviting and gives them chance to learn the mechanics well knowing that they mix with people cleared raven before. This welcomes the new community to able to do raven boss as well as learning it. Its only good for people to be able to join random at stage 4 raven. ASo why not remove the bottleneck for stage 4 raven and make it stage locked. Stange 1-3 may perhaps be raid lock but once you get into for stage 4 it should be welcome to be random party team ups. I see alot of people trying to clear final raven boss recruting every week only to find themselves bottlenecked that those peopel also in same spot raven 4 boss. Cannot join because they locked only 1 raid leader. Werent we suppose to be more inviting for BT raids now? So why still bottlenecked to 1 raid leader only? Instead locked instead of stage locked? Raid leader locked seems to be huge bottleneck to even able make people progress to clear raven boss. Again really hope you can change this to stange locked instead so people happily can create stage 4 teams randomly not bound to any raid lealder.
  6. Yea since new outlaw island is here. Now they can see for themselves how some people suffers. So they need go back and do something about the optimization. To many Unessesary NPC. understand that it is part of arena and all. But they could least make somekind of ctrl+F for npc there that not boss itself,
  7. Many Alts is good?

    Short simple answer recommend do 2 main alt for daily and rest for event. But i think whatever happens your not loosong on profit side when comes to more alt for daily. Since u get gold box and mats box at end of all 3 dailly challenge. Could could also se it as guranteed profit compared to some1 doing hours of hours higher end dang 100-200runs and not yet seen lucky drop of legendary that could be used on time to run with alts to gain fix profit. If some daly are like NS or NF just do 2 alt rest event. If its day up to Sogum lament..that itself make things faster is rest is below. No one is forcing you to spend more time ingame exept yourself. Play smart but rest too it becomes to much...=)
  8. Show off your Lyn Gunner Preset!!

    Cute...gunner elsa lyn alike from Frozen...o.o
  9. BUYING Ncoin

    If there issue buying ncoin on their site. try other side like seagm+bns ncoin or amazon or can google buy ncoin with site you like with paypal no fuss. And then once you get the code you can just use manual activate whe you log in to your ncsoft account. Cost about same but bypass this inconvineint stuff they have on their website if even support have an issue who cant even solve such simple matters! Its like "pls get real ncsoft. People are paying you real money and you cant even help them pay you real money to buy their own ncoins?" What a suprise...they really need to make their billing system and purhase much more convinient for player. it just win win they can earn more money with out any purhase issues! But having an issue with simple purhase = loss profit on itself.
  10. Game freezes for 1 second when entering new area!

    I agree with this. There is some testing indicator areas. For example if you teleport to crimson faction tower. Now just jump down slowly and from dragon fire(F recruting) metal. Start walking slowly toward faction once you start get past mini tent towards NPC you get micro freezes. Now turn around and walk back to metal dragon toward under tower there is no micro freez. But if you walk backwards toward npc past the mini tend again just below the tower...it get freez again. This seems to be fix happening. Same when you enter Basin via portal and walk or run toward where NPC etc are (so you dont misunderstand, even tho there no people near those spot with the npc or just 1-2 ppl afk at spot still freezes) you micro freezes. Now turn around and walk back toward portal no freezes. Then turn around and walk back to npc area...and bang micro freezes again. Even for example during the raid at twin asura VT which never happened before. When start battle specially for tank who need fast burst and maint dps..1st atk seems to always freez up which kinda mess up and supress dps burst and effect overall dps exp. They really need to fx their sht leteralily because its kinda unfair when people work and upgraded well only to end up losing bit of dps because of their ingame+server issue. It shouldnt be like that. And most important before they releases game NA/EU they save themselves that ingame exp was important as well as ping and HW harmony. Then please keep those promised words true in meaning since it doesnt look like that atm! There so many places i can give an example but i end it here.
  11. Framerate drops to ~20FPS until I alt+tab

    Hi just checking. Have you installed the game on an SSD? I know this might sound strange in question. And with SSD it should make things much better etc. Unfortunatly alot of people i know even with SSD for faster start up gets same issue. What you could do is remove game revo install. and install luncher again be it if its ssd there np. But when you start to install main game switch to you HDD instead and put it on file BNSGame or so. And re start pc after all that to clear rams. The start the game and luncher. Are you see xingcode and client start to load yes it will take many minutes,,after like 1-2 min and game is still on login mode with solak screen shot kill client exe within task manager. and close ncsoft luncher wait 20sec. then restart and log in again once at luncher press start game. This time it will load much faster and within 1-3min you should be in the game. loading screen will ofcouse be lil longer but this should fix the fps issue and should get back to higher like 120fps. Which hope as temp fix until they optimize game even better. Reason for these issue happening it seems like when ncsoft move server to AWS. Some people suffered with bit higher ms and some abit better and still some get even 60+ when they usually had 20-30ms before. You pc with ssd and good cpu and gpu is just to fast for their server end to handle now that ms abit higher thz to their AWS migration,,,thats why some ppl put game on HDD instead to compensate for HW leverage their server end on loading basis. In short their server+game ingine just feels outdated that u need to rool back and make yourself abit weaker and hold back your true pc potential. They forcing this to make some middle value because some uses high end pc and some low end so they try find balance somewhere. Which end up if u have too OP PC some of fps still suffers this is kinda wrong on their end. Better HW should mean better gameplay exp. A person should never be forced to experience bad gameplay specially when you have good hardwire to handle and support it. Fault is not on your end. Its on their side unfortunatly and hope they can fix those issue!
  12. Obsidian Gem in Trove WARNING

    Hi JEET. That sounds really serious. I dont think that you would even joke about these things. What they could do would be add NPC you can swap you hexa obs gem. Or make it so higher trands ingine item gotten from trove can be exchanged to hexa Obs any element to choose. You heard that they said they where testing out alot on trove on stream before. Even though its done there is always bound to have some buggs undetected. I think you should really take screen shot of your 2 Hexa wrong element and submit a ticket explaining to them about the bugg or link this url you explained it here. I mean even though you dont hav any screen shot before you choose the Obs hexa and want fire and end up gotten 2 wrong element now while being firegunner. Take screen shot of those 2 element now for example. I think they will understand and can see it themselves its own explainatory. So why would one even lie about it and your fire and end up with wrong element just doesnt add up. So I think they could really do something about it. Just submit ticket on google support bns and open an erran. If it ever happened to me ofcourse i be furious. Good luck
  13. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    It just unbelievble that even normal player/people are even trying to HELP YOU! Solve your own problems! People really like the game. Thats why they even try to help whatever they can. Just hope your doing your part as well. Knowledge and dedication to them with outmost respect here.
  14. Really? More p2w?

    u are a bad person
  15. Really? More p2w?

    if you are quiting please give me all your gold and stuff