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  1. Since general suggestion gone here. Guess I put this on PVE dangeons category instead. Some of long list mixed suggestion below was even added in reddit mix below some abit similar. And some my own but in end just help community along the way in F8 biggest bottleneck from player community! So please read everything carefully NCSOFT since it is important to understand the factor on these issue. But many of them does make sense! 1. " The most biggest bottleneck on F8 dangeon is the toxic AP req people asking 1.1k (these people most of them really not real player just i
  2. Not that you dont already look beautiful already. This stream when you had your hair down. You looked really gorgeous! Other than patch event good job to least give us all flexible path for both gear and event. Do know that over half what you trying bring joy and happinnes to player and community while rest dev has final say on that matter and well as conc to eco issue. Even with that thanks for great stream and hard work you put into as well as amazing voice actors. Looking forward to 20 june. And please again after each patch their might always be some issue but hopefully u notice alot of st
  3. Dear NCW team. There seems to be some aransu badge bugg om BM lunar slash(doesnt proc sometimes) after latest patch when used. There should never be any CD or non proc bugg, on badge proc be it if lunar slash reset from weapon, badge or skill CD, it should be activated and applied directly with added dmg+icon proc display asap when lunar slash pressed! Check even www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeflRi1LQFE 2:07:35 (hear after few second here) person mention it been happening for while now it doesnt proc when pressing lunar slash..wtf happened? Carefully look into it as people get effected!
  4. Hi i think your really need to look into our dps example parse LAB compared now vs like half year ago. Why do you rigg dps meter to look lower now? IS it really suppose to be this like this? Dps meter part of mech of other skill and things that push example pull and dps sustain on dangeons and raids. You think is really so easy for as tnk+pressure to do well on raid+dangeons. Even if mats cheaper now it shouldnt even effect our main dps parse regardless in ANY TIME! Each patch come you like sneakenly chance something and think we wouldnt notice it. Go to your test LAB and compare for yourself!
  5. As you listen to your community. Would you mind also making skybreak/BT which raid stage locked instead of raid leader locked? Like it was long time ago? Because this has been going on for so long and only bottle neck for people trying to clear final raven boss is getting bound to raid leader lock. I mean there some who like to go stage 1-3 up mixed with random people then take pause and may try to do final raven raid in rest of the week with other random people who can accomodate after rest they got. AS well this give alot of people who only cleared 1-3 most of time and now new en
  6. Yea since new outlaw island is here. Now they can see for themselves how some people suffers. So they need go back and do something about the optimization. To many Unessesary NPC. understand that it is part of arena and all. But they could least make somekind of ctrl+F for npc there that not boss itself,
  7. Short simple answer recommend do 2 main alt for daily and rest for event. But i think whatever happens your not loosong on profit side when comes to more alt for daily. Since u get gold box and mats box at end of all 3 dailly challenge. Could could also se it as guranteed profit compared to some1 doing hours of hours higher end dang 100-200runs and not yet seen lucky drop of legendary that could be used on time to run with alts to gain fix profit. If some daly are like NS or NF just do 2 alt rest event. If its day up to Sogum lament..that itself make things faster is rest is below. No one is f
  8. Cute...gunner elsa lyn alike from Frozen...o.o
  9. If there issue buying ncoin on their site. try other side like seagm+bns ncoin or amazon or can google buy ncoin with site you like with paypal no fuss. And then once you get the code you can just use manual activate whe you log in to your ncsoft account. Cost about same but bypass this inconvineint stuff they have on their website if even support have an issue who cant even solve such simple matters! Its like "pls get real ncsoft. People are paying you real money and you cant even help them pay you real money to buy their own ncoins?" What a suprise...they really need to make their billing sy
  10. I agree with this. There is some testing indicator areas. For example if you teleport to crimson faction tower. Now just jump down slowly and from dragon fire(F recruting) metal. Start walking slowly toward faction once you start get past mini tent towards NPC you get micro freezes. Now turn around and walk back to metal dragon toward under tower there is no micro freez. But if you walk backwards toward npc past the mini tend again just below the tower...it get freez again. This seems to be fix happening. Same when you enter Basin via portal and walk or run toward where NPC etc are (so you don
  11. Hi just checking. Have you installed the game on an SSD? I know this might sound strange in question. And with SSD it should make things much better etc. Unfortunatly alot of people i know even with SSD for faster start up gets same issue. What you could do is remove game revo install. and install luncher again be it if its ssd there np. But when you start to install main game switch to you HDD instead and put it on file BNSGame or so. And re start pc after all that to clear rams. The start the game and luncher. Are you see xingcode and client start to load yes it will take many minutes,,after
  12. Hi JEET. That sounds really serious. I dont think that you would even joke about these things. What they could do would be add NPC you can swap you hexa obs gem. Or make it so higher trands ingine item gotten from trove can be exchanged to hexa Obs any element to choose. You heard that they said they where testing out alot on trove on stream before. Even though its done there is always bound to have some buggs undetected. I think you should really take screen shot of your 2 Hexa wrong element and submit a ticket explaining to them about the bugg or link this url you explained it here. I mean e
  13. It just unbelievble that even normal player/people are even trying to HELP YOU! Solve your own problems! People really like the game. Thats why they even try to help whatever they can. Just hope your doing your part as well. Knowledge and dedication to them with outmost respect here.
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