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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul Is the only sub that is constantly active with lots of information. The one OP posted is the tiny one, though I guess thats why he's trying to promote it lol
  2. Ha! So today I guess I finally paid attention to completing quests and hitting the "next" button to turn them in. I always assumed the currency it showed was what I received from doing the quest along with my XP. However this is the fee for turning the quest in without talking to the quest giver lol. I never realized we were fined for not running back and turning the quest in, due to most games allow you to complete quests and even pick up new ones without visiting the original quest giver. No biggie but I thought I'd share hehe
  3. You can post in the bug forums but you get no response. I wish the help button in game actually provided help instead of a spam banner. Since the last update my toon has fps struggles and actual motion blur that randomly appears while I'm standing still lol even if I turn everything graphically off to potato level.
  4. What are your computer specs, just curious?
  5. After the last patch I've noticed that while standing still motion blur randomly activates around my character. Out of curiosity I turned the motion blur effect off in settings but it makes no difference. Since last update game guard doesn't load, random crashes and motion blur while standing still.
  6. Honestly though that video if that was development of the gunner class, looks ridiculous.
  7. The only thing I've noticed is that Game Guard doesn't show that it's loading up now? Otherwise I get game crashes randomly with no error code, game just freezes and closes. Anyone else have this problem?
  8. Yea not sure, I'm running a over clocked 770 and I've got everything maxed out. Every once in a while I might notice a rock wall develop as I'm running to it but not often.
  9. Ha its just been a long time since I've saw one recorded that was so choppy.
  10. The Pure Evil outfit isn't bad, any others?
  11. Do all of the male lyn costumes look cute and cuddly? I see a lot of nice costumes but when I look them up for my blade dancer they look entirely different, usually shorts or big and puffy. In the current KR version do lyns get to look evil and mean? I mean running in to face a boss in a balloon suit with puffy balls hanging off of it, isn't likely to instill any fear.
  12. They won't add that outfit to the shop for a long time, if ever. It's only there to help entice people into buying the membership package. And they won't answer your question here since people that only want the outfit would just wait for a cheaper opportunity instead of dropping that sweet $$$
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