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  1. Honestly though that video if that was development of the gunner class, looks ridiculous.
  2. Yea not sure, I'm running a over clocked 770 and I've got everything maxed out. Every once in a while I might notice a rock wall develop as I'm running to it but not often.
  3. So we played the same games over the years, though Everquest is the only game I had played mmo wise before WoW released and that was what I was basing my opinions on. If you don't think WoW did anything better or cutting edge compared to Everquest then we could argue all day lol but it's all good.
  4. It might help to understand your opinions if we knew what games you were basing them off of.
  5. Did you play Everquest pre-WoW?
  6. Everquest really didn't, WoW took what worked from Everquest and improved it significantly. As far as my personal preferences, I'm just stating my opinion as a old person thats played too many games lol. Feel free to disregard it.
  7. It offered more than the current mmos out there. Better story, and quest fueled leveling. Loot was also made to feel much more important, color coded, tier sets. Back then it was a rush getting those boss drops. Not to mention mounts. Back then = Vanilla
  8. Ha I remember when WoW released we all bashed it because it could never compare to Everquest! But we all tried it and my entire guild left Everquest for WoW, it definitely was cutting edge at a time when the options were limited and Blizzard has enjoyed the success of being the first to take advantage of marketing a online game based off of their already successful Warcraft franchise. It spanned generations, and will continue to do so. That being said, after 10+ years I am ready for the next big thing but so far I've played almost every mmo and always end up back in Azeroth at som
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