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  1. Obviously the outfits should be cheap as hell since they don't cost much to make, not like they need money to run the game or anything. Digital goods can't be compared to physical ones. Go over to Apple or Amazon and tell them to lower all the prices on their music and movies you can download, see how that works out.
  2. That's debatable. There is a large portion of f2p players that won't ever spend money on the games they are playing. That's why companies price their cash shop items high to begin with.
  3. There was a quest that teaches you about them. Maybe you should have read it. Or you know just pay attention to the items in your inventory. God I swear people need their hand held for everything now.
  4. Just because you don't think they are doesn't make it so. This is how free to play games usually price their items. There are a lot of people that won't spend money on a free to play game no matter how cheap the items are, so prices are set high for those that are willing to pay. You think they just pull these prices out of a hat? They price the items at what will make them the most.
  5. I only make $15,000 a year and I can afford these outfits. People need to stop being so entitled and be glad they can play this game for free.
  6. I agree. Just be glad this isn't like Vindictus where outfits are $30. Oh and you also had to buy a inner that would work with the outfit you were buying.
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