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  1. Nice game bros , I hope you're enjoying it D:
  2. Why So High NC?

    The game was never fun in the first place lol .

    No this will be abused .
  4. Really? Server down?

    2 guilds friends of mine quit last week lol , speaking of quitting i uninstalled the game myself . Waiting for improvements and playing other games .
  5. [PVE] NO optimized game at all

    Do you have an SSD ? This fixes lots of loading issues .
  6. So...when is end game?

    There is no end game lol
  7. So BNS User reviews are bad...

    Honestly even if the game wasn't an undercovered arcade game disguised as an MMORPG , even if it really was an MMO & RPG & Action Combat at the same time the game doesn't bring anything new to the table . The only thing going well for this game is the 1v1 arena mode , which didn't appeal to a large portion of the players be it because of balance / server instability / hackers / scripters and afk zen farming bots or other reasons . Since I made my first playthough of the game , the stuff I described above become painfully obvious . I wouldn't recommend to any real MMORPG player or anyone that enjoys the MMO community feel as a whole . I didn't expect much anyways , since everyone who played MMOs the last 15 years knows that NCSOFT tend to ruin games like noone else . EDIT : inb4 ban or fanboy hate train
  8. Dear NCSoft

    BDO does have stable servers in all regions , problem is noone plays it in Asia anymore .
  9. Disappointed....

    This game is basicly an undercover 3d streetfighter simulator , think about it .
  10. Maybe you afk-ed in dungeons way too much or people reported you multiple times for being an a-hole in faction chat . Ever thought of this ?
  11. How can i manage to not feel screwed ?

    Invest in Pingzapper and play on the NA servers , the EU servers are a joke .
  12. Cross-server Dungeons Leechers

    Guys it's an arcade game get it right already , all that matters is 1v1 arenas . Everything else is fluff .
  13. What is so enticing about max level?

    It's just how MMORPGS turned out to be nowadays , dull boring artificial difficulty via grind no sense of an actuall community . Press this to queue for X , press this to queue for Y . This game lacks the MMO ( everything around you is just scenery not open world ) , the RPG ( the story was badly damaged due to translation and localization of the game ) and what we are left with is an Arcade-ish PvP 1v1 arenas - the only good part of the game , which is also damaged due to the skill delay server issues bad optimization . So what I'm saying is , if you're not into arcade simulators this game won't be of any interest to you or anyone who actually enjoys the MMORPG experience as a whole .
  14. @Hime or Babbletr0n

    Can we please get the whole game already ? People will catch up in no time , don't underestimate western players intelligence please . If you really care about e-sports , patch the game with the latest patch and put your money where your mouth is , deal ?