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  1. Nice game bros , I hope you're enjoying it D:
  2. The game was never fun in the first place lol .
  3. There is a sollution to your problem posted on Blade and Soul dojo , google it .
  4. You don't seem to understand what RNG means :D
  5. It's a tragedy we know , but you'll just have to deal with it . I crieverytiem
  6. It's simple , they made it harder here so people can get all emotional and get a fake feeling of attatchment with their character . Nothing new .
  7. Just solo the damn thing , hit max level and just solo it .
  8. The drop rates are fine I got 7 from drops only . RNG is RNG .
  9. It's just a game , stop taking it so seriously ?
  10. Yes there is a daily , just queue up for the dungeon and get it from the NPC in the lobby .
  11. I don't have a queue so yeah , nice characters if only you could play them lol .
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