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  1. Nice game bros , I hope you're enjoying it D:
  2. The game was never fun in the first place lol .
  3. 2 guilds friends of mine quit last week lol , speaking of quitting i uninstalled the game myself . Waiting for improvements and playing other games .
  4. Do you have an SSD ? This fixes lots of loading issues .
  5. Honestly even if the game wasn't an undercovered arcade game disguised as an MMORPG , even if it really was an MMO & RPG & Action Combat at the same time the game doesn't bring anything new to the table . The only thing going well for this game is the 1v1 arena mode , which didn't appeal to a large portion of the players be it because of balance / server instability / hackers / scripters and afk zen farming bots or other reasons . Since I made my first playthough of the game , the stuff I described above become painfully obvious . I wouldn't recommend to any real MMORPG playe
  6. BDO does have stable servers in all regions , problem is noone plays it in Asia anymore .
  7. This game is basicly an undercover 3d streetfighter simulator , think about it .
  8. Maybe you afk-ed in dungeons way too much or people reported you multiple times for being an a-hole in faction chat . Ever thought of this ?
  9. Invest in Pingzapper and play on the NA servers , the EU servers are a joke .
  10. Guys it's an arcade game get it right already , all that matters is 1v1 arenas . Everything else is fluff .
  11. It's just how MMORPGS turned out to be nowadays , dull boring artificial difficulty via grind no sense of an actuall community . Press this to queue for X , press this to queue for Y . This game lacks the MMO ( everything around you is just scenery not open world ) , the RPG ( the story was badly damaged due to translation and localization of the game ) and what we are left with is an Arcade-ish PvP 1v1 arenas - the only good part of the game , which is also damaged due to the skill delay server issues bad optimization . So what I'm saying is , if you're not into a
  12. Can we please get the whole game already ? People will catch up in no time , don't underestimate western players intelligence please . If you really care about e-sports , patch the game with the latest patch and put your money where your mouth is , deal ?
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