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  1. 2nd anniversary disappointments

    Well, Im dissapointed from the community. Complaining about everything and anything. 1. People complain, that Dungeons are to easy - now Pohoran is too hard because u cant just dps - well, its not that rewarding yet, at least I got 50x Moonstones from MoW, so im fine 2. New Premium - okay, it has some issues about the 20s stuff - but we didnt get the P2W bonuses from Russia, thanks NCsoft ! 3. Event not rewarding - well, it isnt rewarding for people who want oils oils oils - for pvp u can farm materials now - and for me its more relaxing this way. I dont need to relog with gazillion chars to do daily event dungeon all the time (for oils) 4. daily dash - not 15x Charms anymore, but hey, did u see that its 3x 1kkk chars now? - 10 pouches are fine, but I like Zulia feathers more, I will miss them. - also there is less shit in it now, like buff food, 3 rows of every draken token, forge orbs 5. also - u can salvage yeoharan gloves - daily login issue (but u can buy the package in F10 for 0 ncoin exp charms), so its fine just my 5 cents
  2. Can't buy premium service

    Yes, its not possible to buy prem atm infinite loading screens
  3. Got exact same problem.
  4. How do I remove this EP/Money drop animation/picture in my interface? It wasnt there before.. Anybody can help?
  5. F10 geht nicht und Crashes

    Rheinland-Pfalz, Telekom
  6. Connection Problems

    Anyone else is getting Connection problems? - Login servers takes too long to load - connection lost inside dungeons/lobby - pin window to enter my code is taking too long
  7. F10 geht nicht und Crashes

    Gleiches Problem. - Es dauert ewig bis der Anmeldebildschirm kommt - das PIN Abfragefenster lässt sich Zeit - mitten im Spiel "Verbindung zum Server unterbrochen" >Bestätigen< Alles andere was mit Internet zu tun hat, funktioniert einwandfrei.
  8. Wenn ich das Kostüm Strandtag (Event Kostüm) trage, ist meine Itemübersicht in F2 versteckt. Sobald ich es ausziehe, ist sie sofort wieder sichtbar. Speziell nur als Klingenmeister (Yun) getestet.
  9. Lag - B&S Unspielbar

    Seit 18.04. abend gleiche Problem. Nicht spielbar. Nix geändert, kam ganz plötzlich.
  10. Internett conection/Server conection

    I got the same Problem on DE Frostgipfel since 18.04. I´ve submitted a ticket as well.