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  1. Why isn't a Destroyer a Real Tanking Class

    To me it as way more of a barbarian/berserker vibe, so the is class almost where it should be. The little dressed (obvious for females gon but males are bare chest often too) & big build race only, with a big weapon and rage/fury/wrath/headbutt/smash type skills, modarately nimble (less than a knight/paladin but more than a assassin/thief) is the image of a barbarian/berserker to me. The class is fine being an off-tank one to me but definitely lack dps since barbarian/destroyer archetype should also be an heavy hitter.
  2. True Ivory much stronger than seref/baleful

    It lacks informations to even be a relevent opinion (yeah that's not even facts with so few) ... Benefits more in comparison of what rank of seraph ? Seraph weapon become better and better the more you upgrade it. It can see seraph lvl 1-2-3 being worse than true ivorymoon but that's less and less true when you reach lvl4, lvl7 and lvl 10. You don't run out of focus ? Well maybe in frost but that's a miracle in shadow build for a decent dps output ... What is the dps output for a given AP, %crit, critdmg and elemdmg for each weapon and for each element ? All you prove to us here is that you may have a fine rotation in pre legendary, you failed to adapt yourself to seraph weapon. The damage output without siphon may be bigger with true ivorymoon but with it, the dps output of dragoncall/helix, rupture and bombardement/dimensional salvo are enhanced. And more importantly, you cast way more dragoncall/helix and wingstorm the more you cast leech and during siphon. The increased number of dragoncall/helix make up by far the loss of dps from the 20% bonus of true ivorymoon ... And if you add to all of that the proc of %crit and crit damage which improve the more you upgrade your weapon, True ivorymoon is definitly NOT better than seraph ...