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  1. Marketplace prices

    1) It would affect economy, by actually removing it. What you described is replacing market with a npc store. And if there is no market there is no economy. 2) Bots would just go do whatever gives the best gold/time ratio when selling to that npc. The people who run bots, run them to get gold - not to mess with marketplace prices, they actually would prefer stable prices themselves.
  2. Summoner suck in Arena

    That does not mean much. With current matchmaking you get least 100 ranking bonus when you are under lvl50. This means if you are at around 1600 ranking with your lvl32 character, you get matched against 1500 ( or worse) lvl50 players, and other 2x / 3x / 4x golds. Once you zing 50, suddenly everyone you are matched against actually knows their stuff somewhat, and you plummet back in ranking after a big lose-streak. Recently leveled two characters up, doing few matches everyday, got both into gold at 4x and then after hitting 50 things suddenly got tough.
  3. Did 8 runs, got 0 soul shields:
  4. Drop the scale req from HM...

    Zaiwei in Daily schedule should be obvious. The current schedule seems to make very little sense. However, the whole scale thing is something players actually can do itself, by making a collective decision to go to Zaiwei, lets say exactly a hour after every Grand Harvest Square event. Even if only small percentage of online players would do it, it should require no more than only 20-30 players to do it fast enough.
  5. Locked Loot boxes disappear when unlocked.

    Those boxes used to contain very terrible Soul Shield pieces , that in EN-EU version were only useful for Achievements. They removed a lot of trash items few months ago including these soulshields, and i guess they just forgot to remove the loot boxes. Boxes always show what kind of stuff can be in them, so dont open those that dont show anything.
  6. Dungeon matching weapon requirements topsy turvy

    Another example is the purple Golden Deva weapon, that is equivalent to the Glacial weapon you get from story, same AP and actually has this "triggers 40% focus" effect on top. Glacial is enough for Tomb of Exiles, Golden Deva not. The workaround is super easy ( buy a lycan weap from the market, or just skip the dungeon ), but still created a bit of frustration.
  7. New character extremely weak

    If it's an alt, an 25AP gem and a 90+ life drain gem are cheap as hell to send over to your alt and will make lvl1-20 a breeze, i almost did not notice the difference. After that you can use your Viridian and Cinderlands key to get Blight and Golden Deva weapons that will give weapons that are almost as good as the old Hongmoon ones at the same level. Not sure what will come after that, as i'm still leveing my alt. But if the hongmoon weapon change pissed you off, wait till you learn that the new accessories peak at Awakened Oathbreaker tier ( Pinnacle = Awakaned Oathbreaker ).
  8. Hongmoon items Gone

    Its still quite a hefty amount of cDam, also pinnacle braclet/neck + true boss ring/earring combo would be an additional 500crit chance difference compared to what new players can get. One could say getting your accessories up easier to be geared enough for Ebondrake might make up for it - but full True Oathbreaker is still better than Pinnacle and getting to true oathbreaker was not that expensive.
  9. Hongmoon items Gone

    No they are not. Ring is somewhat worse and earring is lot worse. Currently new characters are screwed until they clear Ebondrake 100 times and get their legendary ring / elemental earring. Also the article linked in above post did not mention explicitly that they are going to remove them from valour stone merchants as well for new characters. New characters still see them in the weapon path windows, and it clearly states they are supposed to available from the Viridian valour stone merchant.
  10. So old characters with true boss earring/ring will have 517 crit, 584 cdam, 10 AP, 163 Acc more compared to ones created after the last patch. So characters created lastpatches are intended to be weaker until they have completed ebondrake about 100 times, when the new system finally catches up with the old path? I don't see the logic in this. If the pinnacle earring and ring suck so much ( which is fine considering the cheap cost ), at least the old path should be available as an Option ( like it says on the item "Acquired from: Jadestone Village - Viridian Valor Stone Trader Jungja"
  11. This surely should not be intended? The Equipment Upgrade Paths menu still is showing that they should be available there if someone wants. And the fact that pinnacle earring and ring are so bad compared to true boss ones makes it logical to have those available to new characters too as an option. Looking at the upgrade paths, it seems like new characters will have to wait until Skybreak Spire to actually get earring that is competitive with the true boss one - or am i missing something?
  12. New RNG box they need more money!

    Actually the changes of late are more likely to scare away "casual" spenders who get one or two 50bux ncoin sets every other month or so to get few gems from the trove. Until now, spending say about half of a 50bux monthly gaming budget on B&S and playing 10-20 hours a week would land you quite near the whales, with your baleful 3 and sparkling gems being just a smidgeon away from a full whale baleful 6 & heptagonal set. But with the true hongmoon soul and this loot box, you might as well be f2p player... the main chunks of the upgrade is just too many dollars or time away. ... thats what i will probably do, just 100% f2p until i have some confidence again that they wont increase the p2w levels any further, or another game with combat as good as B&S gets released.
  13. New RNG box they need more money!

    Don't see the price rising back after this. The amount of mats the biggest spenders will get along with the sacred oils with this box will likely also set them up for the next few legendary tiers and probably a gem tier, and the supply wont probably dwindle enough to compensate. The main issue though is just that with this box and the legendary soul, this games p2w levels are getting dangerously close to my tolerance threshold. Maybe i should just quit right now and not wait when some next rng box + 16000-gold costing item combination will finally cross that line.
  14. New RNG box they need more money!

    Considering quitting over this. The last two troves at least had some sort of a trickle down effect with 100g gems in troves creating demand for gold in the currency exchange, but this shit here just means more players with level legendary souls without making it any easier for non-whales to get. Hcoin price is already down 30% while sealed sacred oil, evolved stone still the same.
  15. New Player with Cash Store Questions

    I always buy one set 23x Dragon Trade Pouches for 719 coins for my alts. This is sufficient to open up 8 levels of inventory very early on. With the freemium 6, it will get really crowded in the backpack. Currently there is also event item in store Pack of Wonders which gives 20x pouches for 399 coins, so it would be better to get that and buy 3 pouches separately. Id probably also get 2 gem hammers for total of 3 slots ( 1 red critical gem which you have to transmute yourself, 1 attack power diamond gem, and 1 purple life drain one ) but that can be obtainable from auction house too - edit: and not really necessary at start, since stuff is quite easy.