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  1. Yup, already got bored. Just doing my faction quests and log out. Idc about spammers or botters, but people who using fly hacks. Nah im done with this game. Waiting for bdo.
  2. it should be instant. What payment menthod u used?
  3. how much you bought before? I heard there is some kind of limit what you can buy
  4. probably just low lvl char, doesnt care if he getting banned or not. Just boosting his friends
  5. Crafting: Merry potters & soul wardens Gathering: The tree fellers, green thumbs.
  6. no maintenance atm, working fine.
  7. My main is FM, already got bored playing that class tho. It's good in pve & mass pvp (misty), but not so good in 1v1 (or im just bad). Just too much counter skills against FM. I started kfm few days ago and i *cricket*ing love it. When you successfully make 3rf combo its just satisfying :D
  8. Easier said than done. Good bm wont let you do that. They just charge, knock, random ass combo & grab. Im not good fm against bm, rather fight other classes. Btw ty for tips. Started kfm, *cricket*ing beast in pvp. Stunlock for dayzz
  9. Press F11 & check each class rankings. And yeah, playing fm vs bm made me mad af. Block, block, block, block.
  10. 1. Nice if you have a lot of gold. 2. Yes, its hard to get your class specific weapon if your luck is bad. Yes, people buying moonwater keys, because they doesnt want to try rng. What was your argument this time?
  11. I never had bad luck with RNG stuff so i dont know how it feels to fail that many times. I can see that your luck is shit and you are mad about it. Yes, NCsoft rigging chest RNG so people buy brilliant keys. What's the point of making moonwater brilliant keys if its ez to get your specific weapon? "Brains pls"
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