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  1. nah no queue. maybe too many people posting...
  2. There is a queue on forums now too? It crashes sometimes... HAHAHA!
  3. Just the bot spamming on chat is brutal. Everything else is good... The game is easy and please don't make the game suit yourself.
  4. Buying Premium Membership

    I am trying this in Jiwan. I'm selling my NCcoins for gold... Of course no one has tried but gotta start to build your reputation somewhere.
  5. Party loot system

    The game is design this way. If you wanna compare it to other games then play the games you talking about instead of complaining and changing this game to suit you... Yes! I run dungeons over and over and been outbid many times. NO complains here that's just how it is!
  6. Party loot system

    Don't like it? Don't play it!
  7. Loot system

    LOL! Go back and kill boss more...