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  1. So. Yah or Nah?

    1, Some annoying queues for a while since people trying to worm their way into already overpopulated servers but that is being pretty well handled, these last queues are mostly the gold spammers in line to come annoy us. 2. God there's loads and loads of pve stuff to do, I myself searched "what to do at 45" cause I hit it yesterday and there's a million different instances I need to go grind. 3, more dungeons incoming already not even a month since release. 4 You get a lot of benefits and as your premium rank goes up the benefits double or even triple. Rank 2 premium gets 10% extra exp, rank 4 gets 20%. so definitely worth it, and we get a "sell everything you need anywhere" shop kinda deal.
  2. When are you dealing with the bots?

    Guys this thread is way out of the loop, the issue here is not the measures the gm's are taking but the fact the bots are circumventing them. For instance we have low level bots spamming chat after restrictions. We think it might be a ui-less program just spamming the chat
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Seems very possible since its possible to skip entirely the ncsoft launcher, so I don't doubt theres some sort of packets being sent straight to chat. Something like what happened with team fortress 2 where people could idle in servers without actually playing the game.
  4. Dungeon wipe

    Same just happened to me