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  1. Bracelet Specialization Switching Clarification

    others servers you can't even transfer gear LOL
  2. Hello Linda, Great stream, keep this team please! they know what we like to see also you guys looks very informed about patches and the game. Question : We will receive the new item called "Nova" it is close to pet at invetory
  3. Problems with premium membership

    it always happen the same to me i just cant buy my premium membership i have been complaining since the 23 i even made tickets and all the gm's did was closed my ticket cuz they didnt have an answer for it
  4. Bought premium,wont go through?

    hey how did u bought premium? everytime i try to buy and click on buy it says redirecting to login and i never get to buy it cuz still doing the same
  5. Premium Membership

    I agree im having the same issue i was trying to buy my premium back cuz it run out and i cant everytime i click on buy it will redirect me back to the log in page