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  1. I don't pvp anyways. Looking forward to making a Warlock.
  2. As soon as I leave the open world to arena my casting ability is reduced by 50%. 1 out 4 cross server dungeons have the same issue but not as slow as arena. It feels so slow like I'm struggling to cast. Its made it impossible to beat anyone in the arenas on my Force master unless I play in morning against 400 ping aussies.
  3. Summer or Destroyer. I was unable to do it on my force master tried for 4 days. You have to be near perfect to beat him as a force master or have some Asian P2W pots. I made it to floor 7 with 4 deaths and then never died on them again but floor 7 I just can't do it and run out of durability. So I got the last few levels on my summoner and cleared it without upgrades. If you really like the game make your FM a daily alt and level a destroyer or summoner for reduced difficulty.
  4. I don't understand why everyone doesn't switch to BNS. Botters, spammers, hackers, and unethical griefers all love BNS and flourish here. NCSoft has the best customer service, pricing, benefits and the servers run like God made them himself.
  5. Thankfully, they are in the digital business and not handling something like water, food or chemicals. So glad I opened a ticket a week ago and had them remove my credit card from my account.
  6. Without these restrictions to the market the game would be overrun with Gold Spammers and Bots!
  7. Need a premium only forum before we can have discussion on this. F2P just ruin these topics to keep premium benefits horrible so they get 99.5% of the game as premiums. I'm going to go F2P as soon as my sub is up in 6 days but since the Daily Dash has became the Daily Trash I have been logging in less. The other regions get better Daily Dash than us in the west to. This will probably be my last NCSoft game if I can resist going back to Tera. Teras combat is just a little to slow now.
  8. I need like 80k hitpoins or korean p2w potions. I can't be this guy already spent over a dozen hours trying.
  9. Vote to kick is bad. I just want free loot while I stand at zone in and tell you how much you suck and how superior I am.
  10. I'm done with my Force Master, leveling a summoner now while I still have bonus exp for 9 days left on premium.
  11. I went to faction changer and switched to Crimson. No need to worry about pvp when you are in the middle of the hoard. PSA: Faction changer might say we are full or something but keep trying took me 4-5 tries to get in.
  12. I give up. Made it to him with no problem and spent 8 hours over last 2 days trying to beat him. Going to just ignore it and go summoner before I smash my keyboard and mouse. Feels like I need store pots from Korea.
  13. Go F2P. 98% of game for free while premium users pay to unlock basic features.
  14. If they make Warlock Yun then less whales will spend $5,000 dressing up their Lyn warlock. Soul Fighter, Gunner, upper shelf inspector classes will all be Lyn the Mastercard race.
  15. Copy Japans game... Next one will be even worse than this. Its like NCSoft is trashing game for some insurance pay out.
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