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  1. I have to agree about double standards. Frankly, I'm sick of seeing fat, skinny, ugly, hairy, balding males getting the leading role in 98% of movies, books, plays, tv shows, videos. When are the muscle bound hunks going to get their spot in the light.
  2. Sounds like you're a F2Per wanting to keep premium benefits worthless so you don't feel like you need to pay to support the game. That's cool I'm going F2P to as soon as my month is up.
  3. I get 1 tonic 99.9% of time. I have 500+ tonics, almost out of repair hammers, out of unsealing charms for 3 days. I have 1 token and is from the daily dash. Going F2P premium benefits suck.
  4. I agree with the OP and I'll be going F2P as soon as my month is up. I don't even like F2P and have always subscribed in every other F2P MMO but the premium benefits are nearly worthless because NCSoft is greedy and ripping us off compared to their customers in other versions. The daily dash sucks compared to the other versions. The premium benefits require you to spend close to 1000 dollars to unlock them so that are worthwhile. I've bought 4 outfits and I know I will buy no more because I see NCSoft running this game into the ground so its just a waste of money to invest in it. I can use my
  5. Summoner needs to be available to more races..
  6. Without reusable costumes, I won't make any alts.
  7. Try clicking on your middle mouse button. I get stuck movement all the time and that fixes it for me. Another one that worked was changing the camera from BNS to Classic and then switching back again.
  8. I had to stop playing my Kung Fu Master because I play left handed and needed more keybindings to feel comfortable.
  9. I also support this. Was one of the best things about Tera and Swtor and the only reason I made more alts and they made lots more money from me because of those alts.
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