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  1. I'm a casual players and working my way through the game slow paced. Then I notice the announcements regarding closing one of the weapon progression-routes. I currently have Awakened Pirate (lvl 7) - Will I get screwed when they close the path, or will I continue through Pirate into Breeze? Announcements are not clear enough on this. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  2. Gear - Am I screwed?

    Thanks <3
  3. I'm getting the following message: "Disconnected from server" when I start the client, right before where you enter the authenticator key. Anyone else? GM's just fixed a bug on my account - Just wondering if anyone else had login-issues to avoid creating unnecessary tickets
  4. Disconnected from server

    Thanks guys <3 Edit: Yea, me to. I updated the client, then "boom"...
  5. Pinchy is the worst Field Boss.

    Do more damage to get more essences!
  6. Real money blockade

    Hi! This game is nowhere close to be pay 2 win! I got 19 gold (and some silver) yesterday - in about 4 hours (including selling my daily soulstones).
  7. Hi! I have maxed out Siren weapon and want to put some gems in it (I'm still using the ones I got from quests). I'm a SUMMONER. Which 4 gems should I get? If you explain why, you will get 10 pro-points and minimum +1 post count! Thanks bro!
  8. Suggestion about Outfits

    You can't suggest anything in this game! This game is following the asian-version by every expansion. You should check the asian-version to look into the future of the EU/NA-version
  9. Oh, sorry! I wrote it, but for some reason it's not there. Guess it's the Alzheimers! I'm a summoner
  10. mushin tower 7th floor

    Yea, then remove the items and replace them with the same as the assassin. You can see that this BM has way better items when you compare damage output.
  11. mushin tower 7th floor

    Can I find your build somewhere?
  12. Server downs and premium

    Two server-down threads got deleted! Only this left! Mods going aggro
  13. mushin tower 7th floor

    This boss is *cricket*ing impossible for summoners!!!
  14. That's plain BULLSHIT! Restarting with 30 seconds warning! I was on 5th floor in Mushins! You better not *cricket* up my dailies!
  15. Tomb Of Exiles Burning Flames

    Got the devilshorn-hat for 15s :)
  16. I call lies! Or you have turned some settings down... Provide screenshot/video to make me believe this. I can only run Blackwyrn/terror @ 20-25fps with every graphics setting on max using the following: Intel i7 6700K (Skylake) 16GB DDR4 (3000MHz) Geforce GTX 970 Overclocked (matching GTX 980) OCZ-SSD'drives for the whole system Should I believe that this setup is getting crushed by a notebook with lesser hardware? This game is bad optimized. My CPU only use about 30-60% on two of the cores, and the fans on my GPU doesn't even start. Game bottlenecks only with lots of characters on the screen.
  17. Stupid maintenance time

  18. Stupid maintenance time

    Here you go! Countdown until maintenance is over:
  19. Stupid maintenance time

    You're on the wrong server!
  20. ** TO THE STAFF ** Thank you

    I don't mind maintenance, but people like this are usually high ^^
  21. Stupid maintenance time

    Convert it into NOK if you want my currency ^^
  22. Stupid maintenance time

    I'm at work earning my annual 110k $ ^^. Pro tip: You can access the forums from everywhere ^^