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  1. ayyyy { free art }

    {come on, guys. i'm bored lol } seems like the servers are going down on and off; but i think imma fill the time in by doing some sketches of your precious bns babs. post your charas? hehe { i shall TRY to sketch everybody. slowly but surely } they maybe messy af, but they're free
  2. the "why not just extend your servers" question has been addressed many times in the forums.. it's easier said than done plus there are many other reasons why it would be a good idea; some being destabilization of a server as well as increased lag, etc. etc.
  3. Please just remove the Hongmoon store.

    well, nothing is official yet (?) so i wouldn't stress out over it until gold trade does come out?..
  4. 6 days to reroll a character....just why?

    usually there isn't . :B but your reason sounds much better so let's just go with that instead c';
  5. Fix the queue times.

    I think it's just simply because it isn't server selection -> character based. all your characters are tied to a server which also means that queues are therefore different for each. it sucks but that's just the reality of it.
  6. Are the Signature packs worth buying?

    if you want snazzy shades and just to try out premium, then it's a good deal . definitely go on a less populated server though as Yuri mentioned above.
  7. 6 days to reroll a character....just why?

    because this isn't Tera or Vindictus..? look on the bright side though;; there probably won't be any queues or server crashes by then aha~
  8. Fix the queue times.

    what server is this ?

    it's on and off. just give the staff some time to straighten the servers out, i guess.

    lol then don't play
  11. Server down or crashed ?

    proportionally, that's not a huge number at all. LOL
  12. Server down or crashed ?

    honestly, edit;; oops, reply cut off. but uhh, the company wont notice if these ppl are gone cause there will be ppl who pay and not complain . it's one thing to voice one's displeasure and another to just be outright bratty and rude. aah, yeeah, i know that's an option ; which is why i said like an "all" log. ;c but thank you for the suggestion c':
  13. Server down or crashed ?

    ugh . came here for updates on server just to see babykids whine about compensation and shite . there should be a ToS that bans those types haha . but on a sidenote;; bns should really look into banning bots and spammers-- cannot look at a full chatlog without there being someone selling gold.